(photos from TJHS website)


Thomas Jefferson High School is the fourth oldest high in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). In September 2022, they will be celebrating 107 years of dedication to the education system and the Los Angeles community.  

In honor of March’s Women’s History Month, Thomas Jefferson High School (TJHS) is celebrating the promotion of its assistant principal, Dr. Tamai Johnson, to the school’s principal. In 106 years, Dr. Johnson is the first African American female to serve as principal.  

“We are honored and very proud with the new appointment of Dr. Johnson,” a representative from LAUSD told the Los Angeles Sentinel.  

Johnson is looking forward to bringing new programs and initiatives to the high school during her reign as principal.  

(photos from TJHS website)

“I am committed to providing students with opportunities to expose them to new experiences, allowing them to showcase their academic, artistic, and athletic abilities. Community partnerships play a big role in that,” said Johnson. 

She went on to discuss the school’s recent partnership with Microsoft TEALS. “Students are exposed to highly qualified professionals in the computer science field and have access to state-of-the-art industry tools.  

“Many of them are not considering computer science as a college major. It’s exposure and experiences like this that will open their minds to future opportunities after high school.”  

(photos from TJHS website)

With over two decades of experience with LAUSD, Dr. Tamai Johnson has spent years dedicating her time and service to Los Angeles’ education system.  


“In my 21 years of experience with LAUSD, never have I felt so excited, honored, and proud to be part of a team so dedicated to student achievement and growth. I am very humbled,” said Johnson.  

“It is truly a pleasure to work in a supportive community steeped in such history and pride. Jefferson High School is much more than just a school. We are the hub of the community.”   

Congratulations, Dr. Tamai Johnson, Principal at Thomas Jefferson High School!