Dr. Jeanette Parker 

It has taken a great deal of thought to come up with a dignified title during this time. Yes, I like many others would like to explode from imploded inner feelings. But, no; I’m contained and restrained in my thoughts and actions, my temper, my emotions, facial expressions, body language and more. So, let’s first look at the woman (Amy Cooper) in Central park who thought she was ‘RIGHT” to call the police on an African American man bird watching in the park where visible signs are posted about leashing animals. Maybe she didn’t think she had a dog (Henry). Maybe she thought her animal was exempt from rules. She obviously thought SHE was exempt from rules and thought it more necessary to call the police on this man (Christian Cooper). Same last names, but unrelated. [That’s interesting in itself.] I’m just being humorous. Here’s the thing. She obviously thought that she was privileged… empowered to call the police when she was not obeying the rules. With the long term history of [White women] getting Black men into life threatening situations through false accusations, “how dumb can you get?” Or should I say, how bold, boisterous and self-empowered can you get.

Self-will didn’t allow her to stop, look around and think, “Oh! It’s me. I’m the offender. I’m the one breaking the rules! Oh, my, I called the police in error. I’d better hide they may arrest me for being out of control, arrogant, self-willed and generally out of place. More than 30 million viewed this video. I’m just talking out loud. It seems she wanted the police to arrive, handcuff this avid bird watcher, haul him off to jail and thinking there’s a reward in this for my bad behavior. Oh! my. Amy Cooper lost her good job at Franklin Templeton, never imagining all this would occur as a result of her bloated ego. Well, that’s understandable. Mr. Christian Cooper, 57, Harvard graduate, prominent birder, board member of New York City Audubon Society, one more victim of being Black in America.

Now, let’s go on to the latest “murder” of the African American man, George Floyd. Brief research showed he was held down, knelt with knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for more than seven minutes was Derrick Chauvin as Mr. Floyd complained he could not breathe. It’s awful. It’s reported that Derek Chauvin, had his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes, 46 seconds in total, and 2 minutes, 53 seconds after Floyd was unresponsive, the criminal complaint (you can read online–says (Google.com). There were four officers, Chauvin and three others. Mr. Floyd was unarmed. Chauvin has been charged with “murder.” The problem (the way I see it) is that police need sensitivity training as a part of police training. The problem has gone on too long; falsely accusing people (especially African Americans, male and female, Latinos too!) There are too many angry self-absorbed police officers, who are also unthoughtful, insensitive and think they can just get away with whatever. Please don’t get me wrong. I love police officers. What would we do without them (the good ones) but we don’t love the obnoxious behavior of officers like Chauvin and too many others. How is it they keep getting off?? Who’s behind this? Who’s allowing these things to keep happening repeatedly?? Too many have no fear of discipline. We can see why, too. Just like that woman in the park. She had no thought that she was doing wrong. No conscience toward African Americans and other human beings! Conscience seared with a hot iron. Where are the boundaries…the standards. Oh! I’m just upset. At least, Mr. Cooper lived to tell about it and we see it on camera! Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!!!

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