Mykale (left) poses with Markus Mundy (right) while sporting their uniform shirts (Courtesy Photo)

Markus and Mykale Mundy are helping the Dorsey Dons track and field team excel during the 2021 season. Both brothers are members of the 4×400 relay team.

Through the years, the Dons had much success in the 4×400 event. In 2004, Dorsey set the L.A. City Section record in the event with a 3:11.45 time. In the past 11 years, the Dons boys’ track and field team earned seven City Section titles.

“We get to continue the legacy and keep getting better and better at it,” Markus said.

Markus got his start with track and field by competing for the Los Angeles Jets the summer before his ninth-grade year. Being with the Jets helped him develop the mental aspect of running; that is also where he started competing in the 800m. He stuck with the event after realizing he was good at it.

His favorite part of running the 800m is running the final lap.

“The 800, I really have to learn how to just pace myself and how to keep a good pace,” Markus said. “Then speed on the second lap of the 800.”

Mykale specializes in sprints, competing in the 200m, 400m and the 4x100m relay. This season is his first year competing as Mykale is a sophomore. Throughout the season, he struggled with his nerves prior to his meet events.

“My first meet, I ran the 400m and the 200m,” Mykale said. “I was very nervous; it was scary at first.”

When the gun goes off, however, his nerves melt away and he becomes focused on winning the race. In practice, Mykale would run longer distances to build his wind and endurance.

The Dons participated in three invitationals and four duel meets. During dual meets this season, the Mundys had to race with no competitors. The experience was initially challenging for Markus, but he found a way to use it for his advantage.

“Running by myself, it was really nobody to push me,” Markus said. “I told myself in my head that if I’m not running against nobody, I’m just gonna run against the clock.”

This season, the Dons wore uniforms that said “Dorsey” in Japanese characters. Dorsey Track and Field coach Ken Matthews chose the design for their uniforms not only to advocate for the “Stop Asian Hate” movement, but to shine light on the history of Dorsey.

“Dorsey was predominantly Japanese when my parents went to Dorsey in the 50’s” he said. “Dorsey is still in the Japanese community … they were the majority of the people in the community when my parents went to Dorsey.”

Both Mundy brothers noted how the teachers and coaches at Dorsey showed concern for the academic wellbeing of the students. Mykale’s favorite class is chemistry while Markus has a 3.67 GPA. Mykale recently found benefits to at-home learning.

“At first, I hated being at home, but then we got back into sports and stuff, it’s actually been way easier,” Mykale said. “I can go to practice and come home and do homework.”