Black-Owned Executive Recruiting Firm looks to be the Bridge in Diversity

Bill Hawkins. Courtesy of The Hawkins Company. Photo by Debra Simmons

The Hawkins Company knows what it takes to attract leaders. They play a role in acquiring ideal candidates for companies looking to fill executive positions. Amidst a global shift in racial equality, diversity within leadership roles has taken the spotlight; it is an extensive issue that needs to be addressed with urgency.

The Hawkins goal looks to have inclusion; organically working as the door of opportunity for underrepresented groups in society. Rooted in the language of integrity, President/CEO and Founder Bill Hawkins and his prodigy son, Todd Hawkins, expressed their transparency in seeking the best in people at all times.

The official Hawkins mission that is on their landing page reads, “To partner with our clients to deliver the highest quality of talent management services. In accordance with our core values, we use a proactive approach that is innovative, comprehensive, timely, and solution-driven.” They have been recognized for their impeccable results by the likes of Black Enterprise Magazine and Los Angeles Business Journal.

Todd and Bill Hawkins confirmed their accolades come from the consistency in repeat clientele and their astonishing rate that’s well over 90%. Todd stated, “Our work is really most celebrated through the placement, and the fact that we know our placements stay and transform the organizations they are placed into.”

A few notable placements include Tom Sayles, who secured a position as senior vp at Southern California Gas Company, Artie Fields landed the city administrator position for the City of Inglewood, and Dr. George McKenna awarded the Superintendent role in the Inglewood School District.

Founder Bill Hawkins described their foundation of work is predicated upon the level of understanding of their client. The Hawkins team must stay well-versed within the breadth of different businesses they represent; their areas of expertise include transportation, automotive and aerospace, banking and financial services, educational institutions, entertainment, healthcare, public service, and non-profits. The Hawkins team has over 100 years of experience combined.

Todd Hawkins. Courtesy of The Hawkins Company. Photo by Debra Simmons

Todd Hawkins emphasized the goal is to connect companies to their ideal leader. As a family-run business, building relationships is in the company’s DNA. Quoting the Hawkins’ website, “Our primary objective is to provide quality services with integrity, responsiveness, and personal attention to our clients’ executive vacancy, human capital management, and organizational/business needs.”

The Hawkins have refined their process in finding the best CEO, COO, CAO, or CFO; the progression from recruiting to hire is treated with intensive care. The six-step method includes a finely detailed assessment, comprehensive review, close partnership with their client to find the ideal candidate, and honest communication with all parties involved.

Their data is collected to fine-tune the search for the client and help them visualize whom they might want to see on the top floor of their company. The Hawkins’ team follows the project all the way through; even after the candidate is hired, the company takes it a step further with an onboarding evaluation.

Their process works so well that the Hawkins Company comes with a guarantee, “Consistent with the standard of the executive search industry, our firm fully guarantees its work. If the selected executive leaves our client’s organization within the first year, we will conduct the recruitment again for no additional professional fee.”

Todd elaborates on their core values, “Our focus is not only finding the best but also finding the best with a focus on diversity.”  The Hawkins Company strives to fit diverse candidates, funneling opportune arrangements for underrepresented groups such as women of color.

Established in 1984, one thing that has not changed in The Hawkins’ Company is their hands-on approach to delivering excellence to their clients. In reflection, Todd said, “34 years ago, we developed The Hawkins Company as a way to develop a strong executive search on acquisition practice—working with major corporations, local city and county governments, public school districts, and non-profit organizations in finding the best-in-class executives.” Their placement rate exceeds over 90%. This statistic reflects the company morale, that growth, of any firm, starts at the head and with the leadership experience of the person in charge.