(l-r):  Jake Rademacher, Director & Producer, award-winning Brothers at War film, Sandra Stern, President, Lionsgate Television Group, Joseph “Rev Run” of RUN DMC & Justine Simmons, Penny Rieger, Caucus Controller and Foundation Administrator and Chas. Floyd Johnson, Executive Producer, CBS’s NCIS series.
(Photo Credit: Steve Cohn Photography)

The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors’ 36th Annual Caucus Awards Dinner was a fabulous night at The Skirball Cultural Center. The full house of Hollywood’s elite enjoyed an enchanted evening of watching their peers receive honors in the television industry. Co-chairs Robert Papazian and Tanya Hart, along with Executive Producer Chuck Fries, Vice Chairs/Producers Vin Di Bona, Dennis Doty and Jim Hirsh, and Executive Director Deborah Leoni produced a memorable awards show.

2018 Caucus Award list of Winners:


Producer Of The Year

Eric Overmyer



Writer Of The Year

Bruce Miller

The Handmaid’s Tale


Directors Of The Year

David Leveaux and Alex Rudzinski

Jesus Christ Superstar Live


Executive of the Year Award

Sandra Stern

President of Lionsgate Television Group


Lifetime Achievement Award

Chas. Floyd Johnson

NCIS Executive Producer


Entertainers of the Year Award

Joseph “Rev” Run and Justine Simmons

Netflix, OWN, MTV, HGTV, Travel & Cooking Channel TV Shows


Distinguished Service Award

Jake Rademacher



Chair’s Award

Penny Rieger

Caucus Foundation Administrator and Caucus Controller


1st Place Gold Circle Student Award Winner

John Sayage

Chapman University for Esta es tu Cuba


2nd Place Gold Circle Student Award Winner

John Cerrito

UCLA for The Way You Look Tonight


Television/New Media Award

University of Southern California (USC)

Gail Katz, Faculty Mentor

Sam Frickleton, Ex. Prod.

Madison Stevens, Ex. Prod.

Katherine Aquino, Ex. Prod.

for Coventry