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Cops Shot an Unarmed Black Man 43 Times…So What?

Cops who killed an unarmed 25-year-old Black man, Jayland Walker, by shooting him 43 times last June in Akron, Ohio, did not violate the law, even after the medical examiner’s office ruled the murder was a homicide.

Entrepreneurs Launch Drivefile, a New Police Accountability App

Drivefile is a free, non-profit app built in hopes of establishing what the organization feels will be a new standard of police accountability. Drivefile (available for both Android and iPhone smartphones) generates anonymous traffic stop data that could be utilized on its own or cross-referenced with law enforcement records, enabling the scrutiny of police performance on a granular level.

Stopped 52 times by police: Was it racial profiling?

Philando Castile had been pulled over at least 52 times in recent years in and around the Twin Cities and given citations for minor offenses including speeding, driving without a muffler and not wearing a seat belt.