AKA Raises $1 Million for HBCUs in One Day, Announces Collaboration with the Black Press of America

“I understand the impact personally that establishing an endowment has on a student’s enrollment and graduation prospects,” Dr. Glover said. “The actions of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. will go a long way toward ensuring that HBCUs remain open and able to encourage the best black students to choose them as a first option,” she said.

Delta Sigma Theta Celebrates The Future While Honoring The Past

Following the kick off of the conference and the public meeting where Delta’s honored Gerald Freeny, the first African American President of the Tournament of Roses and longtime civil rights activist, Rev. Dr. James Lawson, Smith along with Farwest Regional Director Lydia Cincore-Templeton discussed with the Sentinel the mission of the Delta Sigma Theta, outlined their Five-Point Program Thrust, the work that the local chapters are doing to make a difference in their communities and the vision that keeps Delta one of the most dynamic and relevant organizations of its kind in the world. 

Delta Magic Is Coming to Pasadena

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the largest sorority of Black women in the nation, will host its 51st Farwest Regional Conference in the “City of Roses” July 5-8 in Pasadena, California.

A Call to Rescue My Sisters: The Case Against the Show “Sorority Sisters”

       This opinion piece is not written against any individual sorority member featured on the reality show “Sorority Sisters.”  It is important that I say this upfront. This piece is a call to action:  to rescue my sisters from reality land who seemingly will say anything about our organizations in pursuit of fame and fortune.      Fame and money are not in-and-of itself bad.  I respect your hustle and your desire to make your way in the world but not at the expense of sisterhoods that you profess to love.  I encourage all sisters to be bold and fearless