Shaun Robinson

BET “PRE” Gala & Silver Carpet Recap

Watch as we catch up with Tamar Braxton, MAJOR, Erica Ash, Shaun Robinson, Niatia, and more during PRE, BET Chairman and CEO Debra Lee’s exclusive BET Awards Dinner for the 17th Annual BET Awards held at The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills on June 21, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA.
Host: Brittany K. Jackson

Ulmer Institute to Address Urban Psychological Trauma

Shootings, stabbings and murders are commonplace in many South Los Angeles neighborhoods. While some crimes draw immediate media and police attention, few agencies hang around to help victims or witnesses deal with the long-term psychological effects. Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, hopes to change that dynamic with the launch of The Ulmer Institute (TUI), a nonprofit organization focused on treating, researching and training professional and community leaders on issues relating to urban psychological trauma. The project is a partnership between centers of faith, the Israeli psychological community, the Jewish community, Los Angeles-based clinics,