Toward a More Perfect Union — California Aims Higher to Ensure Voting Rights

By some accounts, California’s independent redistricting commission (IRC) has set the gold standard for fair elections, wresting control of legislative mapmaking from the archetypal smoke-filled backroom dealmakers who’ve made an art of keeping power to themselves. But recent examples point to the need for more and better reforms to ensure the state’s elections are open to all. In Los Angeles, leaked reports of city councilmembers’ racist comments amid redistricting discussions last year exposed how the system still works there. In San Mateo County, the most recent round of redistricting found the Board of Supervisors voting to preserve the status quo

Compton Community College District Publishes Redistricting Action Plan; Applications Being Accepted for Redistricting Committee

The Compton Community College District (CCCD) recently published its redistricting action plan as part of a public process to review and modify the elected trustee area boundaries.

Every 10 years, local community colleges, city councils, and other local agencies must adjust their elected trustee area boundaries in order to equalize the population. Currently, trustees in the CCCD must live in the trustee area they represent. Residents vote by “trustee area,” whereas, they may only vote for candidates who reside in their specific trustee area.