police shootings

California AB 284 Passes Assembly Now Heads to State Senate

The legislation of Assembly Bill 284 was prompted by the high-profile police killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., Eric Garner in New York City and the 2016 summer police shooting of Joseph Mann, a mentally ill homeless man, in Sacramento, according to McCarty’s office. In all three cases, local prosecutors declined to charge the officers.

Police Shootings Prompt An Open Forum In Pasadena

Recent police shootings locally and around the country prompted Pasadena community leaders, clergy and law enforcement officials to meet in an open forum to address the seemly rising violence throughout the country.

Relatives of 2 killed by Chicago police question shootings

Grieving relatives and friends of two people shot and killed by Chicago police said Sunday the slayings raised concerns about why officers “shoot first and ask questions later,” saying the city failed residents even as a federal civil rights investigation has begun scrutinizing police practices.