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Measure HC is Unfair and Unequal for Health Care Workers

The pandemic put into light how critical our healthcare workers are in our local communities. These frontline workers should be adequately compensated for their heroic efforts, not just during the pandemic, but every day. This is why the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce is urging a No on Inglewood’s Measure HC this November. The measure purports to benefit health care workers via a mandatory wage increase. In truth, the measure actually excludes workers at 73% of health care facilities in the city, including thousands of workers at Inglewood’s community clinics, public hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers,

Women to March for Gender Equality From Auckland to Zambia

Building on the vision and mission of the 2017 National Women’s March in the U.S., women around the world will mark January 19 with marches and other actions “supporting the advocacy and resistance movements that reflect our multiple and intersecting identities.”