Pastor Kelvin T. Calloway

COVID Vaccinations Available in South L.A.

The Rev. Dr. Kelvin T. Calloway, pastor of Bethel AME Church – L.A., received his first vaccination shot to fight the COVID-19 virus at Kedren Community Health Center in South Los Angeles and is scheduled to get his second shot in four weeks. He said, “I’ve had three members to die from COVID and several others that I believe that the pandemic has exacerbated their existing health conditions such as dementia and depression. I want to encourage our community to get the vaccine, which will save lives and lead to opening our churches!” (Courtesy photo)

Words of the Week – A Mother’s Prayer

Scripture:1 Samuel 1:9-28 In biblical times, names had meaning. The name Babel meant “God confused” (Gen. 11:9). The name Bethel meant “house of God” (Gen. 28:17). The name Shiloh meant “peaceful One” (Gen. 49:10). The name Jacob meant “sub-planter,” deceiver or trickster (Gen.27:36). The name Immanuel meant “God with us” (Matt. 1:23) and the name Samuel meant “asked of the Lord” (1 Samuel 1:20). My grandfather and my father were both named Samuel; Samuel T. Calloway, Sr. and Samuel T. Calloway, Jr. My grandfather told me the story about the birth and naming of Samuel, one of the most respected

Words of the Week – The Resurrection Hope

Scripture: 1 Cor. 15:12-22 While pastoring in Kansas City some years ago, I served as co-chair of what became a nationally acclaimed End of Life program entitled “Compassion Sabbath.” The program was sponsored by the Center for Practical Bioethics aimed at increasing the quality of spiritual care provided by faith leaders to their congregants at the end of their lives. We were successful in bringing together over 300 faith leaders to share ways that they could be more effective in their end of life ministry. One of the conversations surrounding our work was that of “realistic versus unrealistic hope.” When

Words of the Week – A Few of My Favorite Things

Scripture: Matthew 2:7-11 What is it that makes Christmas, Christmas for you? I have learned along life’s way that there are different things for different people that make Christmas, Christmas. What makes Christmas for some, may not make Christmas, Christmas for others. Fruitcake and eggnog does it for me. When I was younger, it was mincemeat pie. For some, it is caroling and for others, it is the Christmas tree that makes Christmas, Christmas or gifts under the tree or keys to that new car, or new house. And then for others, Christmas ain’t Christmas without the one you love.

Words of the Week – A Song of Thanksgiving

Scripture: Psalm 100:1-5 Music has been referred to as the universal language. Its universal quality is one that speaks to people of all tongues, of every generation, and to every human situation. Songs are poetry put to music. They are lyrics put to melodies. Songs speak to our ups and our downs. They speak to our joys and our pain. They speak to our sunshine and our rain. They speak to our love and our happiness. Our songs speak to every human situation. In the text, the psalmist admonishes these ancient believers to sing a song of thanksgiving. His admonishment

Words of the Week – You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

Scripture: Revelation 2:1-5 As our Church School has led us in the celebration of our heritage during this second month of the year, last year they highlighted the contributions that our ancestors made in the field of music; the universal language. Music has been called the universal language because it transcends race, ethnicities and cultures. The contributions of our ancestors to the field of music from the spirituals, to gospel, to jazz, to the blues, to rhythm and blues are too numerous to name. Today I’d like to just highlight a few. The influence of the music of our ancestors

Words of the Week – A Life Worth Living

Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-6 Sometimes, sisters and brothers, the challenges and complications of life can be so overwhelming that they can cause us to want to give up on living. Earlier this summer, the challenges and complications of life caused fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain to give up on living. The complications and challenges of life don’t just effect high profile individuals but they have had a rising effect on teens and young adults. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, the rate of suicide among teen girls is the highest it

Bethel AME Salutes Pastor and Wife’s Decade of Service

The members of Bethel AME Church will celebrate a decade of service by Pastor Kelvin and First Lady Jacquelyn Calloway with three events at their campus located at 7900 S. Western Ave., in Los Angeles. Activities kick-off with a worship service on Friday, Sept. 14, at 7 p.m. The special guests will be Pastor Larry E. Campbell of First AME Church-Pasadena and Pastor Carolyn Baskin Bell of Second AME Church. An “All-White Jazz Affair” takes place on Saturday, Sept. 15, at 4 p.m. On Sunday, Sept. 16, the Rev. Bill Hence, Bethel associate minister, will preach at 7:45 a.m. The

Words of the Week – You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

Scripture: Revelation 2:1-5 As our Church School has led us in the celebration of our heritage during February, we have been acknowledging the contributions that African Americans have made in the field of music. Music has been called the universal language because it transcends race, ethnicities and cultures. The contributions of our ancestors to the field of music – from the spirituals, to gospel, to jazz, to the blues, to rhythm and blues – are too numerous to name, but I’d like to highlight a few. The influence of African Americans can be found in all genres of music. From

AMEs Donate to Nonprofits at Lenten Caravan Closing Service

During the season of lent, eight AME churches united to present the Community Lenten Caravan (CLC), a series of services held in L.A. and Pasadena leading up to Resurrection Sunday. While the main goal focused on Christ and spiritual renewal for believers, the secondary purpose aimed to raise funds to assist two local nonprofits in their community efforts. The recipients were announced on April 12 at the CLC closing worship at Bethel AME Church in South L.A. The Men’s Cancer Network of Los Angeles and Alkebulan Cultural Center of Pasadena received all of the proceeds from the eight CLC services.

Words of the Week – ‘At Ease in Zion’

Scripture: Amos 6:1-7 The recent presidential election proved to be a very sobering and surreal day for our country. It will probably go down in history as a day when everybody knew where there were on that day. On a day when the political pollsters and pundits had predicted the crowning and coronation of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, the billionaire businessmen from New York, Donald J. Trump, pulled off the greatest upset in modern presidential politics. Voter turnout statistics by CNN News revealed that the 2016 turnout was the lowest in 20 years The most disconcerting statistic

Brookins-Kirkland AME Honors Pastor

Brookins –Kirkland Community AME Church plans to honor Pastor Mary S. Minor with an appreciation service on Sunday, October 16, at 3 p.m., in the sanctuary located at 1900 West 48th St., in Los Angeles. The theme is “Our Pastor – Dedicated to God, Not Man” based on Colossians 3:23. The program, sponsored by the Steward Board, acknowledges the Rev. Dr. Minor’s spiritual and practical leadership during the past year, said Gregory Robinson, steward pro tem. “Since Pastor Minor was appointed in October 2015, she has rejuvenated and empowered our congregation with her biblical knowledge, business acumen and passion for community

Words of the Week – The Promise of Peace

Scripture: Psalm 85:1-13 These are dangerous and unsettling times.  With the incidents of mass shootings in Mother Emmanuel AME Church (June 17, 2015), in Charleston, SC; in the concert hall in Paris, France (November 13, 2015); in the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, CO (November 28, 2015); and in the state run facility for individuals with developmental disabilities in San Bernardino, CA (December 2, 2015), life as we have known it has radically changed. According to the December 2 edition of the Washington Post online, there have been 355 mass shootings in the 336 days of 2015 with mass