Attack on LeBron Shows Trump Wants to Use Fear, Divisiveness to Win Elections

The run-up to the 2018 congressional elections has begun. With 40 Republican representatives deciding not to run again, the party’s majority in the House is at risk. President Donald Trump has announced he plans to stump for Republicans across the country, seeking to make the election a referendum on him. Characteristically, a centerpiece of his approach is to use race as a weapon to divide and distract us.

The Great Orator, The Smart Guy  

He’s mixed with ivy league education and common sense, he can articulate with the scholars, socialize with the elite, kid around with pop culture, sing Al Greene, theologize with religious leaders or join in for a piece of sweet potato pie and conversation at any family reunion.

Obama’s Top Entertainment Moments 

Kicking It With Queen Bey What better way to kick off your second term as president than in the presence of royalty? In 2008, Obama had the “Queen of Soul”, Aretha Franklin sing the national anthem and in 2013, he extended that honor to Queen Bey–Beyonce Knowles-Carter. She and her husband, rap legend Jay Z were active fundraisers throughout Obama’s campaign and the first family of hip-hop remained close with the nation’s first family as Beyonce participated in Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” healthy living campaign.   Honoring Our Greatest Entertainers  Throughout his presidency, Obama awarded the coveted Presidential Medal Of

President Barack Obama political cartoon page by David G. Brown 

For the last 14 years’ artist, educator and publisher, David G. Brown, has been producing political cartoons for the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper. Over the years he has been recipient of several awards including multiple prestigious Merit Awards for “Best Editorial Cartoon” from the National Newspapers Publishers Association (NNPA). Pelican Publishing Company Inc. featured his work in the 2005 thru 2014 editions of the “Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year”. His book, “Obama, Race and the Media: Drawing my own Conclusions” was awarded a NAACP Image award in 2009. Brown is member of the board of Director for the Museum

Why is President Obama Getting No Credit as He Leaves Office?

It is easy to place the blame on President Obama, but the entire Democrat leadership team must also share in the blame. For the last six years, it appears that the Republican Party is quicker to the draw, and they appear to work harder.