Larry Aubrey

Community Activist and Sentinel Columnist Larry Aubry Dies

It is with sadness that we report long time Sentinel columnist Larry Aubry has passed. Aubry began writing for the L.A. Sentinel in the early 1980s, and was known for being unafraid to speak the truth, building bridges, and working to bring justice to Los Angeles through his outstanding journalism as a columnist for the Sentinel. More details to come…


Haitians are the world’s most resilient people. For centuries they have endured indescribable pain, suffering and near human annihilation, and survived. Now, not yet recovered from another devastating earthquake, Haitians are again facing high level political corruption and struggling for the right to vote and to determine their own destiny.

NAM’s Ethnic Media Roundtable with UC President Janet Napolitano

LOS ANGELES – University of California (UC) President Janet Napolitano met with ethnic media from Black, Asian, Latino, Native American and Indigenous communities during a press roundtable to dialogue about how to expand their enrollment in the UC colleges and universities.