For years Ronald Eskew aka Najee Ali has been known within the African American Community as an “agent provocateur” or double agent.  Some days posing in front of the media cameras as the leader of an organization called “Islamic Hope” (however no organization or other members have been found), or behind the scenes working with police pointing out protesters, providing information about planned demonstrations and always available to give a quote about an incident.

Recently community activists like Jasmyne Cannick and Black Lives Matters leaders caught Ali in the act and put it on tape.  On July 12, Najee Ali sat in the middle of BLM members insulting BLM leaders Melina Abdullah and Jasmine Abdullah. Ali called Jasmine Abdullah by her former last name Richards, which she refers to as her “slave name.” In addition, Ali verbally assaulted  Jasymne Cannick  by pointing in her face and calling her out her name. Cannick not being bullied insisted that Ali move to the other side of the room.

Ali was removed from sitting within the BLM group when he proceeded to insult Marcus Vaughn the husband of murder victim Redel Jones by telling him “that’s why she got shot”.  Vaughn who was caught by surprise by the insult then jumped up to charge Ali, but was held back BLM members.


“I find it ironic that Najee would arbitrarily sit in the middle of the Black Lives Matter people and pick an argument with one of their leaders except for the sake of causing a distraction and creating a problem within the protest. Especially since he chose to do it right in front of the police which were probably there to save his ass,” stated one meeting attendee who chose not to be identified.

Several community members said they were outraged at Ali’s verbal attack on Jones and her husband.

“How could a fake leader and known double agent like Najee Ali, who was supposed to be there defending the unjustified killing of Redel Jones then have the audacity to make a statement like that to her husband,” stated known community activist, co-founder of BCCLA and Sentinel Columnist Larry Aubry.

“This is ridiculous. I also personally heard him say at a National Action Network Meeting that he was working with LAPD so he is all over the place.”

Black Lives Matter has called upon Mayor Eric Garcetti, Police Chief Charlie Beck and National Action Network Chairman Rev. Al Sharpton to disavow themselves and remove Ali from any city contracts where he is being paid as a representative on behalf of the African American Community. Cannick has called for a letter to be circulated by community leaders asking that media networks stop interviewing Najee Ali as a leader within the Black Community, because “he is not acting on behalf of the best interest of the community but instead operating on his own and does not have the community’s best interest at heart.”

Below you can view the video of the altercation as well as an audio interview with Marcus Vaughn where he gives his personal account of what happened at the July 12 meeting.



(Article was updated from the original print version)