God’s promises

Reflecting on the Past, Looking Toward the Future

Standing on the word of God and His promises to me, I was able to be a 2021 High School Honors Graduate, as well as a 2022 Santa Monica College Honors Graduate, receiving an AA Degree at 17-years-old!

Pastor Black Releases ‘A.S.K.’ for Those Seeking God’s Help

New book by Pastor Audrey Black aids people waiting for God’s response Many people may have heard the popular lament, “God is not answering my prayers.” If you or someone you know are in that category, consider reading “A.S.K. – Ask, Seek, Knock” by Pastor Audrey Black. The new book, which Black released earlier this year, aims to help those who think that God is ignoring or refusing to answer their petition. In Black’s opinion, many people are under that impression, but she says it is simply not true. “God wants us to have the things we desire as much