Bishop Johnny J. Young (File photo)

Memoir by Bishop Johnny J. Young details his life ‘from the Pit to the Throne’


Victorious living in the Lord won’t eliminate pain and suffering from your life, however, all is not lost for the child of God, according to Bishop Johnny Young.  In his new book, “Journey of Pain…from the Pit to the Throne,” the presiding prelate of the Church of God Pentecostal, Inc., outlines the way to peace and joy by recounting the trials and triumphs he experienced as a minister, businessman, educator and civic leader.

“This book details the trials and tribulations that my journey of faith encountered. This is a story about my life, committed to the Lord, through love, prayer, hope, faith, repentance, confession, and reconciliation,” said the bishop, who authored the book, “Shut Up and Pray” in 1995.

“Through my story, you will see how I demonstrated what dedication, discipline, perseverance, patience, and opportunity can afford for the open and willing heart. My story will resonate with those who seek to balance a successful religious life with the challenges required to build a strong and courageous outcome through academic, business and civic endeavors,” he added.

Explaining why he wrote the book, Young said as he reviewed some of the high-and-low points in his life, he realized that even though he felt forsaken at times, God worked everything out for his good in the end, as stated in Romans 8:28. Considering his own walk of faith, the bishop determined he could reassure believers by sharing his journey.

“The goal of this book is to encourage readers to believe in God’s promise that no matter the heights we soar to or the depths we sink to, He is always with us,” said Young, who has served in a variety of capacities throughout his life.

In addition to serving as the COGP denomination’s chief shepherd and as pastor of the Miracle Temple congregation, Young founded the International Bible College Ministerial Training Institute, which is a fully accredited facility where he serves as chancellor and president. Also, for many years, he worked as a teacher, counselor and administrator with the Inglewood Unified School District.

Young is an active figure in the faith, business and civic arenas in Inglewood. During the 1990s, he headed the Inglewood Area Minister Association, served as principal of the Inglewood Community Tutorial program and led the COGP Community Services Development Corporation. His endeavors in the 21st century include serving 12 years on the IUSD Board of Education along with active involvements with the Inglewood Chamber of Commerce, Inglewood YMCA Board of Education, Los Angeles Southwest College Foundation Board of Directors and Ladera Crest Homeowners Association.

A native of Alabama, the bishop earned a Bachelor’s degree at Alabama State University, a Master’s degree at CSU – Dominguez Hills, a Doctor of Ministry degree from Friends International University in Merced, California and a Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Education in 1995 from Ministerial Training Institute in Inglewood. He also completed graduate courses at UCLA and CSU – Long Beach and received administrative credentials from CSU – Dominguez Hills.

With “Journey of Pain,” Young shares the lessons he learned from all of his life’s encounters and feels that the readers will benefit from them. “This book will be enjoyed by believers and non-believers alike because everyone will deal with affliction and knowing how to handle your affliction will maximize your success and minimize your failures,” he remarked.

“Anyone looking to ascend to higher heights will encounter pain, hurt and suffering uncommonly known by the average person. Read this book and see how you can break the chains of opposition through your obedience to God.”

An autographed copy of “Journey of Pain…from the Pit to the Throne” is available by mailing a check or money order for $36.99, payable to COGP – 109 W. Buckthorn Street, Inglewood CA 90301 or CashApp: COGPInglewood. The donation is tax-deductible. Proceeds from the book will benefit Ministerial Training Institute Bible College.