For Every Problem There is a Solution

Once we are born, there are two things we all are going to experience no matter how hard we try to avoid them, no matter how much money or fame we have.  One of those things is death. The Bible is very clear that all of us will experience a single permanent death, no one gets out alive. The second thing is problems.

‘Bold and Blessed’ Hopes to Inspire Faith in Generation Z

Young Trinitee Stokes shares tips to “be true to yourself and stand out from the crowd” “Go big or go home,” declares Trinitee Stokes, a young writer and actress who just released “Bold and Blessed – How to be True to Yourself and Stand Out From the Crowd.” However, Stokes defines “going big” differently than expected. Instead of outlining how to be famous, she advocates for having faith, showing love and being of service to others. By emphasizing these areas, Stokes believes her Generation Z peers will gain the spiritual wisdom and literal confidence to achieve their goals. Explaining why