Trinitee Stokes (Courtesy Photo)

Young Trinitee Stokes shares tips to “be true to yourself and stand out from the crowd”

“Go big or go home,” declares Trinitee Stokes, a young writer and actress who just released “Bold and Blessed – How to be True to Yourself and Stand Out From the Crowd.”

However, Stokes defines “going big” differently than expected. Instead of outlining how to be famous, she advocates for having faith, showing love and being of service to others. By emphasizing these areas, Stokes believes her Generation Z peers will gain the spiritual wisdom and literal confidence to achieve their goals.

Explaining why she penned the book, Stokes says, “I feel like ‘Bold and Blessed’ is needed because there aren’t many people in my generation that show the not-so-pretty side of their lives. I think it’s very important to be open and show your struggles because you don’t always go through a struggle for yourself. Sometimes, you have to endure some things so that you can help someone else along the way. If I can help one person overcome, then I have been successful in my writing.”

“Bold and Blessed” is full of guidance on timely topics such as body image, friendship, faith, self -worth, and self-love. The book also contains photos, recipes and fashion tips.

“I think all readers will gain insight and receive help in areas that maybe they haven’t been able to before,” insists Stokes, who is best known as Judy Cooper on the Disney Channel’s “K.C. Undercover.”

“If you struggle with communication, there are writing prompts and journaling pages that will help get your thoughts out on paper. If you need ideas on following your dreams, there are tips included that you can practice each day that will help you.”

She notes that readers will both laugh and cry while reading, “Bold and Blessed” along with doing “some soul searching and encourage you to strive to be a better person.”

Encouraged by the release of her first book, Stokes is aiming to write more. She and her mother will soon publish a children’s series and she’s deciding whether to compose a mystery or fantasy novel. In the meantime, she will promote “Bold and Blessed” with the goal of making a difference in young lives.

“My mission is to reach one million girls in 42 countries and give them a voice to stand up and stand out,” proclaims Stokes.

“I want each of those girls to have faith, love themselves wholeheartedly and to embrace their bodies no matter what shape or size it is!”

“Bold and Blessed” is available on