CT Jeweler Helps America “B Grateful” for Mom this Mother’s Day

Sentinel News Service Last year, Mom-preneurs and jewelry designing sisters Christina Baribault-Ortiz and Raeann Baribault-Schwartz of Baribault Jewelers took America by storm when they launched a new, inspirational jewelry line, called The Power to B at the Academy Awards.    Since then, the collection has given thousands of people across the nation the courage and positivity to B Strong, B Fierce, B Badass, B Limitless and B Fearless in overcoming any personal, professional, or emotional challenge.   Now, due to popular demand and customer feedback, the line has released six new power words- B Grateful, Be Blessed, B Present, B Brave, B

Bank of America and Cornell University Partner to Help Women Entrepreneurs with free online program

The Bank of America Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell is a collaboration between Bank of America and Cornell University. This free online program provides a learning portal that offer women entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources to create and build successful businesses. It has been successful for women, especially women of color, who aspire to be business owners and entrepreneurs. Women in the program earn a certificate in business from this Ivy League university.

Black Business Registrations Increase During COVID Pandemic

Andre Perry, a Brookings Institution fellow, told the Times that some of the surge in Black business registrations could be a signal of personal economic trouble. “This is more about survival than it is about wealth creation. There’s lots of people who have lost their jobs and lost their businesses. People are starting to realize that side hustles are businesses,” Perry said.

It’s Time to Give Local Governments Back their Ability to Protect Public Health and Generate Revenue to Close Budget Gaps Caused by COVID-19

AB 1163 isn’t a tax; it instead provides local governments and their voters the freedom to enact a tax on sugary drinks if that is what they believe is best for their community. Prior to the moratorium, several cities had successfully passed taxes on sugary drinks and those communities are now benefiting.

The Dreamers Youth Foundation’s, Samantha Smith and Osh Speak on Giving Back to the Community

Co-Founders Osh and Samantha Smith started The Dreamers Foundation in 2015 as a small workshop. Throughout the years, they transitioned their workshop over to Vector 90, a collaborative workspace created by David Gross and the late Nipsey Hussle. Co-Founder Smith said it is essential to know the power Black people have. She stated, “We need to know that we have power as Black people, and this is the year we take our power back. We have to use our voices.” Smith states it is ok to go out and march, but wants people to vote and make real changes in the community to see results.

AARP and NNPA Join Forces for Riveting Webinar on Saving Black Lives During COVID-19 Pandemic

“People are stressed and worried, not only about caring for themselves but protecting and caring for someone in the home or someone long distance,” Choula stated. 

“It’s very important that there is increased conversation with nursing facilities through virtual visitation and phone calls, which is what AARP is advocating.”