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Georgia DA Fani Willis Targeted for Removal with New Bill

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia signed a new bill in May proposed by Republican state legislators, creating a new commission, the Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Commission. Members of the commission will have the power to remove or sanction Georgia prosecutors for neglect or other violations of their duties. Many Georgia state legislators believe the new bill targets Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

We The People”: The Solution To Our Problems

While a great deal of time and attention is being given to the many sins and acts of evil by Republicans and the Ultra Right who believe that their privileges are greater than our democracy, it is important to remember that “We the People” hold the keys to our own deliverance. There are more of us than them as evidenced by the last election which placed President Joe Biden in the White House instead of a second term for Trump. The Bible says “we have not because we ask not, and when we ask, we ask for the wrong things”.

Governor Newsom Defeats More Than The Recall

San Diego County was one of the first to overwhelmingly report a vote against the recall and it only went downhill from there for the recall supporters.

What Must Be Done with White Reconstruction

While many are watching 47 out of the 50 States propose and enact Voter Suppression Laws, the question becomes one of what can we as individuals do to counter such attacks against us? First we must acknowledge the real agenda of those hiding behind the Republican Party’s control of state legislatures, embracing Donald Trump’s lie that the election was stolen.