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Los Angeles Police Department detectives have arrested Anthony Duwayne Turner a co-worker of Michelle Avan and a Bank of America executive. Turner (52) was booked late Thursday by LAPD Homicide Detectives and is being held on $2 million bail, according to jail records. He was arrested near his home in Westchester.

‘It had to Be You’ — Black Press Publisher on Her Respect and Commitment to Vice President-Elect Harris

One day before the Associated Press and other media outlets called the 2020 Presidential Election for Democrat Joe Biden, San Francisco Sun Reporter Publisher Amelia Ashley-Ward communicated with her longtime homegirl, Sen. Kamala Harris. “I told her ‘It had to be you,’” Ashley-Ward, whose more than 76-year-old newspaper, the Sun Reporter, is among the oldest in the 230-plus member Black Press of America. As she had done so many times in her nearly two-decade friendship with Ashley-Ward, Sen. Harris quickly responded: “We’ve been on this journey for a long time. Thank you, Sister Amelia, love you very much,” the Vice-President

Ed Buck Charged After Third Overdose, Due in Court Wednesday

Ed Buck, the prominent Democratic Party donor whose West Hollywood apartment was the scene of two fatal drug overdoses, was jailed this morning in lieu of $4 million bail after being arrested and charged by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office with running a drug den in his residence after a third man last week suffered a near-fatal overdose at Buck’s apartment.

How Kamala Harris Plans to fix the criminal justice system

Criminal justice reform remains a pressing concern for American citizens regardless of political affiliations. A recent study conducted by Public Opinion Strategies on behalf of Justice Action Network, found that support for reform spans all sides of the political spectrum—with 68 percent of Republicans, 78 percent of Independents and 80 percent of Democrats supporting criminal justice system reform. With an issue so urgent to the nation, 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are being called upon to explain how they will fix the system in which more than 2.3 million people are incarcerated and where African-American citizens are disproportionately and excessively imprisoned and criminalized. Democratic candidate Kamala Harris is speaking out with a solution to overhaul the severely flawed institution if she becomes president.

District Attorney Jackie Lacey Presents Courageous Citizen Awards

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey last week honored four women and two men who aided victims and helped capture and prosecute violent criminals in Long Beach and Willowbrook. “What our honorees did was not easy,” District Attorney Lacey said during today’s Courageous Citizen Award ceremony in Long Beach. “These brave people chose to act. They saved lives and helped stop criminals. By honoring them today, we repay their courage in a small way.”