District 35

Michelle Chambers Running for and by the People in Race for Senate District 35

“I was asked to run for this seat, which is another blessing in itself. It really shows a testament of the faith that other leaders have in you -that they sought me out for this seat. To receive the blessing of the incumbent Just made it impossible for me to even deny,” Michelle Chambers, who is running for City District 35 State Senate said.

Richardson Secures Endorsement of Prominent Business Organization

On Nov. 13, Laura Richardson secured a pivotal endorsement from Citizens for Accountable Leadership (CAL) following an exhaustive interview process. Comprising distinguished business and community leaders in Southern California, CAL has a rich history, having previously organized as the African American Leadership Finance Council for the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Campaign. The group decided to continue its efforts as an unincorporated association under the name Citizens for Accountable Leadership (CAL). Its dual mission is to provide a platform for candidates to discuss issues that are relevant to the community and to promote political engagement, education, and empowerment. Additionally, CAL raises funds