Tragic Death, Health Fears Add to New Extreme-Heat Reality

Yahushua Robinson, a student at Lake Canyon Middle School, allegedly did not “dress out” appropriately for gym class and was consequently punished by running laps in his street clothes. His aunt told NBC4 Los Angeles that he was denied a water break by his Physical Education teacher. His classmates reported that Robinson repeatedly complained of difficulty breathing before collapsing and becoming unresponsive. 

Redondo Beach Police Seek Public Help in Cold Case Death 

Redondo Beach police reached out to the public on June 26, for help with their investigation into the death of Catherine Parker-Johnson whose remains were found at a construction site in 2001 and was listed as a Jane Doe until familial DNA identified her earlier this year. 

COMMENTARY: Collision Course (Part 2)

“Although I have no personal knowledge of when Dr. King died, I fully support the research of Dr. William Pepper, who has established that King’s life was terminated at the hospital. His research came through a credible witness, Johnton Shelby, whose mother personally witnessed the event. According to these sources, King did not die immediately, but shortly after being shot and transported to the hospital, when he was smothered to death with a pillow by the head surgeon, Dr. Breen Bland.” — Phillip F. Nelson, author of “Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King,” in an interview with Our Weekly.

Black Women Are Still Dying from Childbirth in 2022. Why? 

Black women in Los Angeles County are four times more likely to die because of pregnancy and its complications than women of any other race. In one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Black mothers are dying from preventable causes at rates that continue to rise. 

AARP and NNPA Join Forces for Riveting Webinar on Saving Black Lives During COVID-19 Pandemic

“People are stressed and worried, not only about caring for themselves but protecting and caring for someone in the home or someone long distance,” Choula stated. 

“It’s very important that there is increased conversation with nursing facilities through virtual visitation and phone calls, which is what AARP is advocating.”