Alyssah O. Hall

Smith Invites Women and Girls to ‘Love Themselves’ to Accomplish the Impossible

Chanel Smith has been serving as the executive director of the Women and Girls Initiative (WGI) since May 2022. The WGI was established in 2016. Its mission is “to establish Los Angeles County as a leader in creating opportunities and improving outcomes for all women and girls,” its overarching goal is to “provide countywide sustainability for gender equity.

Hillery Advocates for ‘More Life’ in Campaign for L.A. Council District 14

After seeing the Los Angeles City Council District 14  be “taken advantage of for so very long” and the aftermath of the George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery killings that made downtown LA feel like a “war zone,” Attorney Teresa Hillery asked herself who was in charge. Displeased with her findings from her research. Hillery said to herself, “We deserve better, and I can give them better.”

Katina Holliday Hosts Daughters of Destiny Program with Panelist Blac Chyna

Katina Holliday, founder of Holliday’s Helping Hands (HHH), started Daughters of Destiny in 2021 after being inspired by running a weekly national prayer line with other women. Holliday created Daughters of Destiny to uplift communities of women by providing opportunities to connect them to Jesus.