Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopian PM Begins 2nd Term Saying War Exacts ‘Heavy Price’

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was sworn in Monday for a second five-year term running a country in the grip of a nearly year-long war against Tigray forces he described as “hateful“ toward the nation, while a handful of visiting African leaders urged him to hold things together.

Orthodox Church in Ethiopia Blocks Gay Group Planning Tour

Pride parades, gay friendly diners, movies, books and fashion. The gay life style is coming to town but the welcome mat is still far from ubiquitous. Ethiopia, home to Abiy Ahmed, the “hugging president”, has yet to come to terms with LGBT or Q. In fact, some Ethiopian bloggers have been openly unfriendly to say the least. Africa was once the place where alternative lifestyles might even land someone in jail. But Dan Ware, president of the U.S.-based Toto Travel, which organizes trips for gay and lesbian travelers, as well as close friends and family, was not deterred. Ware, who

African Leaders Confront a ‘Blue Wave’ Demanding Change

In Ethiopia, reforms are already underway since the installation last year of 42 year old Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Women have been named to some of the government’s key positions – president, chief justice and half of all ministers. Thousands of political prisoners and journalists have been freed while senior officials accused of human rights abuses and corruption no longer enjoys immunity.