“A Different World”

BLACK IN THE GREEN ROOM – Jasmine Guy Wins First Emmy Award!

Jasmine Guy starred as “Whitley Gilbert” in the late 1980s and early 1990s hit television sitcom “A Different World.”  But she never won an Emmy for that iconic role. While on the red carpet for the 75th Emmy Awards in 2024, Guy told former “A Different World” costar Darryl M. Bell, with tears in her eyes as she hugged him, “This is our Emmy.”

From Child Phenom to Major Star, Dawnn Lewis Continues to Shine

Dawnn Lewis (Manuel Harlan photo) Dawnn Lewis is like a close family friend. She’s endeared herself to audiences around the globe who watched her amazing growth from child phenom to major star. Yet, throughout her journey to being a top celebrity, Lewis has never lost the ability to connect with everyday people, which is likely one reason that admirers feel they personally know her. Audiences are resonating with Lewis even more after witnessing her performance in “Tina – The Tina Turner Musical,” which is currently playing on Broadway in New York City. In her role as Turner’s mother, Zelma, Lewis

The History of Black Television

This week the Los Angeles Sentinel celebrates Black History month and Black culture by taking a look back at the evolution of African American television and sitcoms.