Summertime is upon us, and we are soon approaching the month of August. Pools are open, families are taking trips, and the weather is beautiful. This summer has been a hotter one, which has led people to be more active outside.  

Enjoy summer sunlight, but also stay healthy while you’re having fun. (File photo)

But people still face the risk of being overexposed to the sun and heat, which can cause dehydration, exhaustion, and even worse, death. Please consider the following tips to enjoy the summer sunlight, but also stay healthy while you’re having fun.  

The summer months are the best months to be able to enjoy the sun, but to do that safely, be aware that the sun works in various ways that can damage your skin and cause serious health issues. According to, using sunscreen, staying in the shade, and protecting your skin as much as possible is the best way to avoid skin cancer and to limit damage to your skin.  

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about sunlight and exposure is that wearing less clothing will keep you cooler. Covering your body helps protect it from sun rays and damaging your skin.  

For example, when someone is doing an outside activity and begin to get hot, the person may remove their shirt, giving the illusion that they feel cooler. But with extended time in the sun, their body may be more damaged because the bare skin is directly exposed to the sun.  

According to, more than 90% of skin cancer is a direct cause of sun exposure. This means even the slightest bit of sun from going to the pool, going for a walk, or even just playing outside can be damaging to your health as it is known to have higher risks over time.  

To protect your health, remember to protect your body from physical damage, including sun exposure, so that you are able to live a long and healthy life.  

For more information contact your local doctor.