Jeanette Grattan Parker, Ph.D. 

Do Children Belong to Parents??? or To the State? If this policy spreads contagiously like a virus, parents will be stripped of cherished parental rights! Stay in the know! Five Ontario public school boards have policies/procedures accommodating transgender students from five-years-old to 12th grade; where parents cannot be told about the child’s transition to another gender: Toronto District School Board (TDSB); Thames Valley District School Board; Greater Essex County District School Board; Upper Grand District School Board (504-C), and Waterloo Region (WRDSB ) District School Board. LifeSiteNews reports July 13, 2017 “Campaign Life Coalition is raising the alarm that parental rights are threatened, this time by school boards defending “transgenderism” and gender confusion in students of any age behind their parents’ back. At least five Ontario school boards have quietly implemented directives that a school not tell parents when a child asks to “transition” to another gender at school, from kindergarten. [Jack Fonseca], senior political strategist for Campaign Life, told LifeSiteNews. “A five-year-old or seven-year-old boy or girl asking a teacher about switching genders, or that they want to be another gender; the board says that teacher can’t tell the parents.” Fonseca says.“What a tyrannical violation of parental rights! It amounts to institutional child abuse on the part of schools. “Children are “already subjected to gender identity theory in schools at too young an age, which can actually cause them to believe they might be transgender by producing sexual confusion that didn’t exist before,” he noted. “These policies leave young kids without the protection of their parents against gender theory ideologues,” [Fonseca]. An elementary school teacher spoke to LifeSiteNews [anonymously] confirmed her board’s parental non-disclosure directive applies from kindergarten to Grade 12. Some other school authorities say it’s about safety and honouring a child’s choice. “We could be talking about a six-year-old here,” the educator told LifeSiteNews. Fonseca dismissed the board’s stated safety concerns as “fear-mongering.” “It doesn’t sound at all like what real parents would do, who overwhelmingly love their children.” Fonseca believes the underlying motive behind the school boards’ directive to exclude parents is to “indoctrinate the next generation with state ideology;” contending its inculcating children from an early age in a view of human sexuality completely at odds with traditional morality. “Don’t believe these Marxist educrats give a damn about child safety.” “Their [underlying motive] is to eradicate the Judeo-Christian worldview from society. Children are merely collateral damage in their war.” These Boards “major assumption is that transitioning is in the child’s best interest. The teacher said, I don’t agree,” “Every parent has to be thinking seriously about their own child and whether public school is a good fit for them, especially if the child is at risk.” [Article from LifeSiteNews&Campaign Life Coalition]

“Teach the children at home.”

Jeanette Grattan Parker, Ph.D., Superintendent Today’s Fresh Start Charter School; author, speaker, All rights reserved copyright: Will You Marry Me; Inquiring Minds Want to Know. [email protected]