Dr. Jeanette Parker (file photo)

2018 is quickly closing. 2019 rushes in. Perhaps, it’s intelligent to say we all want better results in 2019 from prior years. What is it that we want better? How would we grade our decision making before now? Do we mark ourselves “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “F.”

No one wants a failing grade in decision making !!?. That could be catastrophic, life changing and irreversible. Here’s where we go about this. There are some decisions much less consequential than others and reversible. Maybe a “C.” decision. If it’s irreversible could be an “F.” Some say just count to “3” than decide…huum. Here’s the thing.

Sometimes it may seem to be just that simple to come up with a good, practical and wise decision. Wouldn’t we all like to be able to count to “3” and bam! Great decision, right decision, wise decision. Impractical. A serious component in decision making worthy of consideration, “What is it?”

Your mind can fool you. Emotions take over, irrationalism.  Meditate, think it through. Sometimes you don’t get an immediate answer. Wise decision making is not a “pop quiz.” Do you even know exactly what you’re seeking to make a decision about? Could be you’re not even clear on that…could be you just want something so bad you just want it and don’t want anybody telling you anything differently…got to have! Lay it all out.

Write advantages and disadvantages. If it goes this way, what will happen? If it goes that way, what are the chances of this or that happening. Some make decisions knowing that they will get bailed out and think about wisdom later, not thinking about consequences and who will support them if it comes out to be “F” decision.

There are some things people do and it cannot be undone. It’s done! This might be extreme, but like killing somebody! Herod made an “F” irreversible decision succumbed to passion, yielded to an evil wife, formerly his brother’s wife, transgressed the law and beheaded John the Baptist. His conscience drove him crazy!

Power and greed (partners), lack of morals and self control killed him.   Impulsive, selfish decisions can be devastating. Seek and listen to wise counsel. Sometimes you want something so bad, you just can’t get a grip on yourself because you may be wrapped up in passion; a passionate love affair for example.

You just throw up your hands and say, “gotta have it!” Some people make the same mistake over and over, never learning from past mistakes! Repeated mistakes wastes time materially and emotionally.

You’re not making progress; just making motions thinking you’re making progress, but when it’s time to recuperate you find that’s not easy and could be irreparable and “more than a notion.”

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