Dr. Jeanette Parker

What?? Says who?? Brilliant: distinguished; impressive, successful, extremely intelligent, skilled, gifted, talented, exceptionally clever, smart, astute, intellectual, adept, superior, able, elite, erudite= [someone who has wide range of knowledge…[sources: Dictionary.com; Oxford, Collins, MacMillan, Merriam-Webster, YourDictionary]. With these glowing, descriptive adjectives, why do we need to focus first on, “He/she is Black! Good news! We don’t. We have been misdefined for too long. Let’s redefine ourselves. When we think of ourselves, think first, “I am gifted, adept, etc, I’m trying to qualify this from the posture that if one begins to think of self as first, “I am Black or I am African American,” that throws up a disqualifying mental attitude. Why is that? It’s because there has been and there is a brainwashing which has been strongly attempted to have occurred that we are inferior because of our skin color. We know it’s not true.

At the same time let’s not feed into it. [Race gets over exercised]. Live above the lie! Refuse to be categorized. Actualize our identity as superior. Use other adjectives, along with any other persons regardless of the color of their skin so that our first introductory thought [in our own mind] is that we are striving to meet great goals. We are worthy, individual achievers! We know this. Start early teaching our children and young adults, ourselves and friends. Black should not be the first self introduction.. Rather, let’s talk about setting goals; reverence, compassion, and moving forward. Let’s talk about moving mountains. Let’s talk about courage, temerity, tenacity, perseverance, integrity, missions, pursuit of dreams. Let’s think possible! Let’s talk about achieving without limits. Here’s the thing.

When we eliminate the mental stigma, “I am Black,” that opens vistas. Let’s clarify that not everyone thinks this way. Because that’s stereotyping too. Starting from the point of race can introduce fear and intimidation; which can lead to mental paralysis. It’s like stumbling. You can trip and fall before you get anywhere. It is a fear that has been sewn into society which has stopped many people from achieving. It is a trick of the adversary to unlevel the playing field, and put even self imposed rocks in the path. If the adversary can convince [through mental seduction] that what we want to achieve is not possible; he’s gotcha!. There are many devices in this world to trip our success. Did you ask, “What are some of those?… bad budgeting, overspending, gluttony, laziness [nothing is going to happen if you don’t consistently work on your project], begrudging what others have, gambling, debt, excitement of the mind to induce bad decision making, lack of courage, lusts, blaming others: naming a few.

Jeanette Grattan Parker is Superintendent-Founder of Today’s Fresh Start Charter School: Talk Success 12Noon Sundays 3405 West Imperial Highway, Inglewood, CA, 90303 323-293-9826 “ [email protected] Writings are copyright “Inquiring Minds Want To Know” “Will You Marry Me?” author, artist, marriage expert (50years+) educator. Living Life!