Lawndale freshman Telayia Fuller competes in flag football, volleyball, basketball and track and field (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Lawndale freshman Telayia Fuller has been working on her versatility as an athlete. She competed for the Cardinals girl’s volleyball, basketball, and track team. She also competed in the League of Champions on Lawndale’s flag football team.

“Volleyball, I’m front row, that’s more so hitting the ball over. I think that helps me with my footwork, just my vertical jump,” Fuller said. “Getting boards, rebounding, footwork is probably the most important thing in basketball. Track and field, I’m doing that to keep me in shape.”

Fuller plays wide receiver for the flag football team. She won Player of the Year honors for her efforts on the team this past season.

“It’s a nice trophy to have,” she said. “It made me feel good because for it to be my first year of high school and to be getting an award like that I thought it was pretty cool.”

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Despite her work on the offensive end, a proud moment for Fuller was an interception she made during a game.

“I don’t really play defense, wide receiver is more so my spot, in my opinion, my best strength,” Fuller said. “My interceptions show my versatility.”

Out of the sports she competes in, Fuller’s favorite is basketball. She mentioned how she was impressed with her performance on court.

“The high school level is way more serious than anything I’ve really encountered over the years,” Fuller said. “I love it and I’m really just trying to get better.”

To Fuller, being a student athlete is a cool, yet challenging experience. She mentioned how she had to get acclimated to high school-level academics.

“Middle school, especially with COVID, it wasn’t too much work,” Fuller said. “Coming into high school and having so much more work and dealing with sports … just getting pulled out of your classes early … it throws you off track but I’m doing a great job.”

Fuller’s favorite class is Integrated Math Honors Two, she mentioned how she was the only freshman in her class. Fuller is also a member of the Lawndale Biomedical Career Academy. When trying to complete her schoolwork, Fuller must make time in her busy schedule.

“I know that I need to get my work done,” she said. “I’ll have games and won’t get home until nine o’clock and not go to bed until 12 to do homework.”

Fullers’ parents are her main inspiration; her mother played several sports and her father also played football.

“They’re very supportive; they’ve been there before, they know what I’m going through,” she said. “My parents are my drive to keep going.”