West L.A. Hurdler and jumper Angel Morris is a communication major (Photo by Darien Echeverry)

Despite the challenges life has been throwing her, West Los Angeles College dual-sport athlete Angel Morris continues to pursue her dreams.

Morris competes in hurdles, relays, and jump events in track and field. She also enjoys playing basketball. In high school, Morris received a track scholarship from Tuskegee University.

“When I got there, they didn’t have the resources that are needed,” Morris said. “They promised me a scholarship, got there and nothing was said and done.”

Although she could not compete, Morris continued to stay in shape and exercise. When the COVID-19  lockdown hit, she returned home to help care for her father who had fallen ill. She decided to transfer to West L.A. to compete in track and basketball.

“It was like my dreams aren’t dead, they’re still here, they’re still achievable, I can still do it after being off for so long,” Morris said. “The last time I really ran track, like in a track meet, was 2018 and I was in high school.”

While she ran track all four years in high school, she started doing the long jump as a senior. Her coaches encouraged her to try it out.

“He was like “just run off of one leg, hit the board, jump in the sand” and I said “okay, got it” went and did it and I literally jumped a 17-11 and I had no idea what I was doing,” Morris said. “From then, that sparked something in me, I love long jump now.”

Being a student athlete is something Morris is grateful for. She is happy that she is able to prove herself.

“Being a student is kind of easy, you just do your homework, do your work,” Morris said. “But being a student athlete, taking on a schedule, taking on a team, that’s a lot to add on.”

Morris is a communication major; her favorite class is introduction to sociology.

“It’s dealing with a lot of the way we think, the way we are as people, as humans and I really enjoy that a lot,” she said.

Outside of athletics and academics, Morris is a drummer for her church: International Anointed Ministries. She is passionate about her faith and sees a future for herself in music after getting her bachelors’ degree.

“I plan on going to the L.A. Recording School to get my bachelor’s in music production and a master’s in business entertainment,” Morris said. “My main dream is having my own music label one day.”

Her father passed away in March 2021. He is the reason why Morris works hard in track.

“My Dad, he was one of my biggest inspirations and he really kept me grounded,” Morris said. “Of course, I miss him dearly, I know he’s so proud of me.”