Sparks forward Seimone Augustus has made 15.4 points and 3.1 rebounds in her career. (Facebbok photo)

Four-time WNBA Champion Seimone Augustus re-signed with the Sparks. Augustus has one of the most prolific basketball careers in professional basketball history. She ranks tenth in scoring in WNBA history with 2005 points, and she averaged 15.4 points throughout her career. Augustus won championships in 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017.

The Sparks head coach and general manager Derek Fisher said Augustus brought invaluable leadership to the Sparks young core last season. He mentioned she has efficient scoring and elite basketball I.G. “We’re excited she’ll be continuing her storied career here in Los Angeles.”

Augustus noted that Sparks is filled with young players, and she wants to help the young team evolve to the next level. “

The veteran surprised herself last season. She wanted to focus on her physical and mental health. “Having an opportunity to come to the Sparks really gave me the confidence to keep going. Being around a great staff and great team.”

A new beginning is here for the Sparks, with veterans Candace Parker and Chelsea Gray signing to new teams. Augustus wants to build on the foundation they help establish last year in the bubble.

The final chapters are here. Augustus said she will retire a Spark. Growing up looking up to Lisa Leslie and other former Sparks, she is inspired to continue her legacy in Los Angeles from those that came before her.

What Augustus is going to do after her basketball career is a question everybody asks her. She states fashion is something that she loves to do. “Ultimately, I want to design my sneaker at one point. Or possibly collaborate with a bigger brand to bring what’s necessary to the mark, which is a women’s sneaker.” Augustus wants to give women in the WNBA the opportunity to create their own shoes one day.”

Coach Fisher playing at a high level in his playing days, create a comfortable environment for Augustus and her teammates. He understands them mentally and physically. 

Fisher brings awareness to their self-care needs so they can put their best foot forward. Spark’s excellent coaching staff ensured they would take care of Augustus’s needs, contributing to her wanting to stay in Los Angeles.

Before Augustus ever signed with the Sparks, the L.A. lifestyle always caught her attention. She says, “Everybody wants to join a little of L.A.,” the culture and vibes on the West coast fit the life Augustus wants to live. “Even when I wasn’t playing here, this is one of the places I’d love to come and play: the environment, the food, the weather, and the vibe of L.A.

At this time of her career, Augustus stated she is not adding anything to her game. She said, “What you see is what you gone get. It’s not much that I can add that people around don’t know.” Her focus is on rehabbing and staying healthy to contribute to this young core.”

Watching press conferences from the new Sparks Erica Wheeler, Bria Holmes, and Amanda Zahui B, the veteran noticed the passion and determination they will add to the group. According to Augustus, to be in a winning environment, the younger players must buy into their system and get better as individuals. 

“We know what it’s like to win championships. We have been through all of the hardships of not winning. So we’re able to pass down that knowledge and get it after it every day.”

Critics have been saying the Sparks won’t make the playoffs this upcoming season. Augustus says, “The heart and determination is something that you can’t factor in a stat sheet.” She continued to say they are in a position to build without the spotlight around them.

The Sparks are on a mission to prove the naysayers wrong. Augustus plans to remind the team that beauty is in the journey and can only play hard and expect the best.

She notes that every team wants to compete for a championship, and they don’t know where they will stand. All she says they will do is continue to compete and work towards their individual and collective goals as a team.