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Business Manager Monicia Scott lands security contracts that employ hundreds in greater Los Angeles area 


In the corporate world, Monicia Scott is called business manager. However, she considers herself a job creator since her self-described goal is to “influence cultures, to help rebuild and transform impoverished communities, and transform lives through economic empowerment.”

And empowering others is exactly what Scott has done as the business manager of SecurSolution INC, which is based in Torrance and currently employs 345 people in security, administrative, accounting and support positions.

Thanks to her managerial expertise, her company provides security and other services for Davita Dialysis, UTLA Beauty, Tilly’s, Erewhon Stores, CrossOver Health and Omega Fashion.  Most important, residents of the greater Los Angeles area work in those jobs and SecurSolution is poised to hire even more staff.

Samuel and Monicia Scott at the Compton High School construction site. (Rickey Brown/L.A. Sentinel)

Last month, Scott signed a five-year contract with Swinerton Construction to maintain security around the site of the Compton High School Renovation Project. This new agreement will move her closer to making her dream a reality.


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“This contract will help put many people of diverse backgrounds to work and has already created two new schedulers jobs for one Black male and one Brown (Latina) female,” said Scott, who works side-by-side in SecurSolution with her husband, Samuel, who directs business development for the firm. They also negotiated and managed the security services contract for the Sofi Stadium and LAFC Soccer Stadium during the construction phases of both facilities.

“What makes us unique is that we create jobs – that’s our mission.  One of our goals is to change the economy because we’ve seen how so many people have lost jobs. So as we’re making jobs, it is changing the economy one person at a time,” she explained.

Samuel and Monicia Scott stand outside the SecurSolution office.  (Rickey Brown/L.A. Sentinel)

Actually, it’s Monicia and Samuel Scott’s deep faith that inspires them to focus on creating jobs for others.  Both were raised in backgrounds emphasizing trust in God and Monicia developed an especially close relationship with Christ being the granddaughter of the late Bishop Samuel Crouch and cousins to gospel legends Andre and Sandra Crouch.

For many years, they volunteered with the intercessory ministry at Crenshaw Christian Center, devoting time and talents to praying and encouraging others. God rewarded the couple’s commitment to helping others by blessing them in their marriage, their careers and their business.

“Samuel and I have been a team for working out here for 16 years and showing people that a married couple can work in the security business together,” Monicia said.  “This year will be 34 years of marriage and we are still working hand-in-hand.”

In light of God’s many blessings upon them, Samuel concluded, “We can do a lot more than we are doing, and we need to utilize all the gifts we have to make the world a better place and help people who otherwise wouldn’t get jobs, like people who have criminal records.”

Making good on that promise, SecurSolution’s workforce includes formerly incarcerated individuals along with others with minimal education. According to Samuel, “They may not be able to get a guard card because of the felonies [on their record], but we can still give them a job to do filing or copy papers and we do!”

Another advantage is that the security profession offers career tracks and pathways for professional growth. The Scotts utilize those avenues to help propel some of their staff into managerial and executive positions.

“Scripture says to whom much is given, much is required, and much has been given to us as far as experience, legacy, and people just helping us,” Monicia said.

“We’re just continuing in the legacy of ‘to whom much is given much is required’ by creating jobs for people.”

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