Award-winning rapper Krayzie Bone 2. Krayzie Melodies: Melodious, Vol. 1 Cover (Courtesy Photo)

Award-winning hip hop artist Anthony “Krayzie Bone” Henderson was introduced to renowned songstress Dionne Warwick by her son Reggae artist and music producer Damon “Nomad” Elliot.

It was during the early days of Krayzie’s success as a member of the rap group Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony.

Krayzie says, “We’ve [Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony] known them [Warwick and Nomad] for almost going on thirty years and we’ve become family.  She’s like a mama to us and would keep us in check.”

In early 2022, the two along with Nomad, collaborated on the inspirational single titled “Power In The Name” to aid the unsheltered.

Now, Krayzie Bone and Dionne Warwick are coming together on Saturday, September 17, 2022, to headline a Ukrainian refugee fundraiser.

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The concert entitled “Love Is What The World Needs Now” will take place at the Commerce Casino & Hotel, 6121 Telegraph Rd., Commerce, CA 90040, 3 – 5pm VIP meet and greet, benefit concert begins at 6pm.

Krayzie Bone is a member of the hip hop dynasty Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony.  The group made a style of rapping called, “chopping” universal.  Chopping or “chop rap” is when a vocalist rapidly rhymes lyrics.  The style was born in the Midwest, but Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony gave it life.

The group debuted in 1993 with their single “Creepin On Ah Come Up” on rapper/producer Eazy-E’s label Ruthless Records.

Krayzie would go on to enjoy solo success with his multi-platinum debut release “Thug Mentality 1999.”  On April 22, 2022, Krayzie released new music, “Krayzie Melodies Volume I” which includes the singles “My Blessings” and “Alone in a Crowded Room”

He continues to perform as a solo artist all over the United States.  Even though Krayzie has achieved great individual accomplishments, he remains a member of Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony.

Much like his relationships with Warwick and Nomad, Krayzie says the secret to the group’s longevity is they are “first and foremost truly family.”

“Our grandparents were raised together, our parents were raised together, and we grew up together.  We’ve had three generations of knowing each other,” says Krayzie.

Group members Layzie Bone and Flesh-N-Bone are birth brothers and Wish Bone is their cousin, Bizzy Bone is a stepbrother, and Krayzie is an early childhood friend.

“We’re like real brothers… me and Bizzy have been around each since the fifth or sixth grade.  It’s a real close bond, a family bond for sure,” says Krayzie.

Along with his musical success, Krayzie is also an accomplished entrepreneur.  His clothing and apparel line, The Life Apparel is “almost twenty-years strong.”

Krayzie says, “It has turned from us doing official Bone merch to doing merchandise for other artists.  We do several other artists, companies, and school uniforms.  It’s really growing.”

Krayzie Bone began diversifying his income and notoriety as a hip-hop artist into business since around 1999.  He had this to share with up-and-coming artists about the importance of branching out beyond recording and performing.

“It’s no secret in this music game that artists do not get paid from their music.  That money is loaned to them… they might be enjoying it now but they’re going to have to pay it back in a few years.”

He expands on his train of thought, “If you’re one of those artists that gets that big break, and you start gaining momentum you must start thinking like a businessman immediately.   If you want longevity and you want to sustain you have to go into other avenues because pretty soon that music well is going to run dry”

Krayzie Bone concludes with this sage advice, “Go out and create other businesses because until artists get fair shots and fair ownings of masters and stuff like that, we have to be outside the box we can’t just be in one lane in this music industry.”

Using money wisely also includes giving some of it back to worthwhile causes, along with his time.  Krayzie Bone’s Spread The Love Foundation has “always been of plan to go back to Cleveland and do something for the community.”

According to the organizations website, Spread the Love Foundation (STLF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Anthony “Krayzie Bone” Henderson advocating for urban arts cultural equity by providing music industry education and workforce development for disadvantaged populations to improve Cleveland communities.

(Courtesy Photo)

Krayzie says, “I also plan on putting my record label, “The Life” there as well, so they feel like they have an outlet.  Even if I can’t help them, we can point them in a direction with somebody else who can.”  Krayzie continues, “We are putting together programs to get the youth off the street and give them something productive and constructive to do.”

Now Krayzie’s philanthropic endeavors hit the worldwide stage with the Ukrainian fundraiser, Love Is What the World Needs Now.

“The world is going through so many trials and tribulations right now.  So many people are hurting, not just in Ukraine but all over the world,” says Krayzie.  “We need healing and the only thing that can heal us is love and it’s as simple as that.”

Love Is What The World Needs Now borrows a lyric from one of Warwick’s most famous songs. The mission of the benefit is to “bring more attention to the plight of Ukrainian refugees as the country continues to fight against Russian forces in Eastern Europe.”

Krayzie says he and Warwick, “might perform together.”  The duo has three songs together including, Power In The Name so, “it’s a strong possibility.”

In addition to Krayzie Bone and Dionne Warwick, Love Is What The World Needs Now will feature other musical acts, and is comprised of several events beginning Saturday, August 27, 2022.  For the full schedule and roster of performers visit

Krayzie Bone has sold more than 30 million records as a member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and as a solo multi-platinum selling recording artist.  He has released 13 albums and EPs as a solo recording artist

Krayzie Bone is the winner of two Grammy Awards for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. The first with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for the single, “Tha Crossroads” and again as a featured artist on the single “Ridin’’ by Chamillionaire.

For additional information on Krayzie Bone check him out on Instagram @Krayzie_Bone, @Krayzie_Sweet_16 and the official Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony IG @BTNHLive.

For information on Krayzie’s The Life Apparel, visit @TheLifeApparel on IG.  To delve into the mind of Krayzie Bone visit his podcast IG @TruthTalks99, and his Twitter account @IAmKrayzieBone.

Anyone interested in supporting the Spread The Love Foundation founded by Krayzie Bone can visit