Grammy-winning rapper Nas urges the crowd to vote on March 5. (Lila Brown/L.A. Sentinel)

Grammy award-winning rapper Nas has always used his platform to deliver a conscious message to his fans that speaks to the current state of affairs, but now he is taking on politics with a more innovative approach as a cryptocurrency advocate.

On March 4, the Queensbridge rapper joined Stand With Crypto, a grassroots 501(c)(4) and Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong for a first-of-its-kind Get Out The Vote rally in Los Angeles to showcase the growing movement of crypto voters in advance of California’s pivotal primary elections.

A standing-room-only crowd of more than 500 crypto voters packed The Bourbon Room in Hollywood to listen to remarks from Armstrong and hear a rousing performance by Nas, encouraging them to make their voices heard loud and clear at the ballot box in support of a financial system that works for all Americans.

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“More Americans own crypto than own electric vehicles or are in a union — yet some people in DC are still underestimating how much and how many people care about crypto. In 2024 it will become clear that being anti-crypto is bad politics. Get out and vote to make your voice heard,” said Armstrong to the diverse crowd of crypto influencers before a panel discussion that also included Nas’s manager Anthony Saleh and multidisciplinary artist Emily Yang who goes by the name Pplpleasr.

Ola Muse, 46, San Jose is the CEO of Scale3 Labs and attended the “Stand with Crypto” event before California Super Tuesday voting day. “In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we’re not just witnessing a technological revolution, we’re participating in the creation of a new paradigm for financial systems, digital ownership, and global connectivity,” he stated urging the need for more crypto forward California leaders.

“As a founder deeply invested in this space, I believe it’s imperative that we foster an environment of innovation and education, while also advocating for regulatory frameworks that ensure security, transparency, and inclusivity. ‘Stand with Crypto’ isn’t just a call to action for those of us in the industry; it’s a rallying cry for anyone who believes in the power of technology to create a more equitable and decentralized future.”

Nas gives a free mini-concert performing a medley of his hits. (Lila Brown/L.A. Sentinel)

According to Stand With Crypto, there are 52 million crypto owners in the U.S.– including the 8.2 million Californian adults who own crypto and want their leaders to take action.  More than 300,000 people have already signed up to be advocates this election and it is having an impact as more candidates are answering Stand With Crypto’s questions, participating in town halls across the country, and learning more about how to create a better system of regulations around crypto. The organization also touted its newly launched report card part of its mission to find out where politicians stand on crypto. The non-profit projects regulation in the crypto industry will secure approximately 4 million jobs over the next 7 years.

“Voting is our opportunity to be heard, and tomorrow is our moment to speak. We need a financial system that works for all of us,” said Nas prior to his electric performance.

“If we ever hope to have leaders who will step up and get the job done, we need to stand up right here, right now and elect officials who will champion common-sense regulations for the crypto industry.  Alone, we are just one voice, but together, tomorrow, we are 8 million Californians loud and strong.”

He went on to perform a medley of his songs from “Illmatic,” “It Was Written,” “I Am,” and from his latest albums series “King’s Disease” and “Magic,” reminding the crowd that one person can make positive changes in the world.  He ended the free concert with “One Mic.”