Rams alum Ron Brown (left) poses with the Morningside cheerleaders as they receive the Coach of the Week banner on behalf of coach Rod Harvey (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

The Los Angeles Rams spruced up yet another school in Inglewood when they recently renovated the Morningside High School football field. On Friday, they honored Monarchs football head coach Rod Harvey as their Coach of the Week as the Monarchs battled against the South High Spartans of Torrance.

Inglewood mayor James Butts, clad in a Rams jersey, was excited about the donation, glad that the Rams continue to assist the youth in the city. Along with the field, the Rams donated a $2,000  grant and $1,000 worth of Gatorade products to the football team. Mayor Butts noted how Inglewood has developed into “the center of the region” from a cultural and economic standpoint.

“[The Rams] have been community partners since the day it was announced they were allowed to come here,” Butts said. “This is just another manifestation that they are not just here to bring the NFL, they’re here to be part of the community.”

Butts, along with Rams community affairs and engagement manager Johnathan Franklin, spoke with the Monarchs before kickoff. They congratulated the coach and encouraged the football team.

Mayor Butts gave the Morningside football team words of encouragement before the game(Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

“It shows the support that is tremendous in this community with regards to the city sponsoring and partnering with the school district,” said Morningside principal Traci Gholar. “Inglewood is a community that will come together for what is right and what is for the betterment of our youth.”

The Rams also got students who attended the game to compete in an obstacle course relay race at halftime. Rams alumni wide receiver Ron Brown was also in attendance to do the coin toss.

“I haven’t seen a field look like this ever, it’s a fantastic look,” Brown said. “What happens is when you do things like that, the kids get motivated to play and football is a great sport.”

Morningside has been benefiting from several gifts by the Rams. They participated in the “Rise With the Rams” with Oaks Christian High School, the initiative was meant to build bonds between to high school football teams despite their diverse backgrounds. The Rams also gave the Monarchs and the Inglewood Sentinels football team new uniforms.

Inglewood mayor James Butts attended the Morningside game to celebrate the Rams’ donation (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

“We want to be a resource for our community,” Franklin said. “It’s exciting to have a consistent relationship and that’s what we want to do, we want to build partnerships that are meaningful and that’s authentic.”

Despite the new field, the South Spartans ousted the Morningside Monarchs 49-6.

Football Around the City

The Washington Prep Generals defeated the Jefferson Democrats 24-21 and the Serra Cavaliers fell to the Bishop Amat Lancers 13-20. The Crenshaw Cougars defeated the Locke Saints 45-21 and the Fremont Pathfinders lost to the Dorsey Dons 8-34. The Los Angeles Romans lost to the Jordan Bulldogs 20-26, Romans player Q’marr Allen scored two touchdowns and David Redden had 86 receiving yards. The Inglewood remain perfect after trouncing the Torrance Tartars 63-0.