Friday, April 10. The L.A. Emergency Operation Center delivered latest updates surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Extreme measures have been taken to prevent any outbreaks within correctional facilities. Inmates who were two months away from release, are being let out early to combat overcrowding in L.A. prisons. Dr. Barbara Ferrer presented the latest statistics behind the widespread of COVID-19 in the Los Angeles region. L.A. Officials provided information regarding the Stay at Home order and wearing masks used during coronavirus.

Barbara Ferrer, Director of Public Health shared the latest updates on the COVID-19 Virus. 40,600 people have been infected as of April 9.  Ferrer shared there were 18 additional deaths, 10 of these individuals were between the ages of 65 and over, with underlining health conditions. This brings the total COVID-19 related deaths in the L.A. County to 241. Barbara disclosed as of April 10. There are 475 new coronavirus reports, in summary there is a total amount of 8,430 cases in the Los Angeles region.

Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director, Public Health Demonstrating how to wear cloth covers. (screenshot)

Over the last 48 hours, there has been 900 reports. These numbers reflect 303 positive cases in Long Beach and 107 COVID-19 reports coming from Pasadena. Of these new cases, 18 individuals tested positive are unsheltered. Approximately 24% of those infected with COVID-19 are hospitalized at some point. Data is reflecting 2.9% of carriers of the coronavirus have died, which is higher than the general mortality rate for influenza related deaths in the United States.

The Stay at Home public order has been updated, it’s been extended through May 15. There are a couple of new measures that partner with the new extension. The closures of non-essential businesses remain the same within the prolonged city order, this safety measure has been effective in flattening the curve. Essential businesses that are still open are required to offer a cloth covering to their staff. They need to provide a physical distancing plan, that is visible to employees. The plan should explain the proper way to execute social distancing and cleaning requirements while interacting with fellow staff and the public. These updates go up next Wednesday, April 15.

Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director, Public Health (screeshot)

Another update within testing for COVID-19, 1,000 random L.A. residents will be tested with a serologic or an antibody test.  This test does not detect the actual virus, it detects the triggered antibodies surrounding the virus. It will be able to detect current or past infections. This will be able to determine who may have had the virus in the past, but never revealed any symptoms. The random testing will be going on for the next few months. The last update was the use of cloth coverings, wearing some type of covering while being outside was highly stressed. It is recommended that the cloth covers be made of cotton. Before putting on your face, it is suggested to wash your hands.  Children that are two and under should not use cloth face coverings and parents should monitor available coverings for young children. The new updates behind the Stay at Home order assist L.A. County Officials prepare for the recovery stages of COVID-19.