Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr. (Courtesy photo)

A lot goes on in the spiritual realm that impacts the physical world and vice versa, according to the Rev. Fred K. Price, Jr., pastor of Crenshaw Christian Center.

In his new book, “Behind the Seen,” Price explains the concept in detail with the goal of helping believers live victoriously and securely in their walk with Lord.

“My goal is to equip saints. That’s the job of a pastor and teacher,” said the first-time author. “I want believers to have the right and proper information about what goes on in the spirit realm and how those events can affect the things that happen in the physical world or natural realm, which is the world we live in every day.

“Our words, actions and behaviors – if they line up with the word of God and if they do not – can have an effect on things that happen in the spirit realm or can have a negative or positive effect on things in the natural realm as well,” insisted Price.

The book’s title is a play on the words “scene” and “seen.” The phrase, behind the scene, is usually associated with theatre or an entertainment project. Price used “seen” to emphasize that other spiritual activities are occurring beyond what people can view with their eyes. As an example, he highlighted that social media; advertising and video games can potentially influence behavior and thoughts in a negative way without the consumer being consciously aware of it.

“I have been studying the spiritual realm and keeping my eye on pop culture for quite sometime. I can clearly see that there is an influence from the enemy, even an influence from ancient civilizations and cultures and the ancient gods and goddesses from Greece, Rome, Egypt and Babylon,” he said.

“I cover all of this in the book to make connections between those deities that were worshiped and angels in scripture. The kind of behavior that was happening way back then is having an influence on the everyday pillars of our society that we live in today.”

The topics in “Behind the Seen” range from the origin and craftiness of Satan to heavenly or celestial hierarchy. Scripture references are highlighted throughout the book to guide readers to the supporting Bible verses. He also includes chapters focused on casting out demons, Hollywood and the media and the ministry of angels.

“We have angels who have been assigned to us by God. What are we doing with those angels because the Bible says they are ministering spirits to us,” Price said. “But how do we activate them? What do we need to do or say or pray? What are our actions to get them to move on our behalf because if they are for us, we should be taking advantage of them. God doesn’t waste creation. Everything He does is for a reason, so we need to take advantage and do it the right way.”

Taking on such a heavy topic was something that Price took more than 15 years to prepare. A self-described “geek,” he has always enjoyed comic books and cartoons as well as history and science.

“I like all of these things. I study and research them, but I didn’t realize, early on, that the Lord was going to use these ‘likes’ or hobbies of mine for His purpose and His glory,” he recalled. Price also credits “much prayer” along with teaching Bible Study twice a week with getting him ready to pen “Behind the Seen.”

Inviting believers of all spiritual levels to read the book, Price noted, “There is information that I believe will be a benefit to both new and mature Christians. While some of the content can sound complex, I do a fairly good job of simplifying things. ‘Behind the Seen’ is easy to digest and it is palatable, so I believe that believers all across the board will benefit and use the book as a resource.”

“Behind the Seen” will be released on Sunday, Sept. 8, at 12:30 p.m., at a book-signing reception held at Crenshaw Christian Center, 7901 S. Vermont Ave., in Los Angeles. Pre-orders are available online at