David G. Brown (courtesy photo)


This June, the Sentinel is putting the spotlight on Black men, highlighting their life and how they make a difference in the world.

David G. Brown is an award-winning artist, who’s editorial cartoons have been featured in the Sentinel for the last 20 years. A gifted designer, photographer and illustrator, David’s work and merits are impressive.

He grew up in West Atco, a small town in South Jersey outside of Atlantic City. David earned his Bachelor’s degree at Stockton University where he has received the Arts and Humanities Professional Achievement Award in 2011 and recently, the Alumni Impact Award in 2023.

The David G. Brown Studios were established in 1995 offering professional services that include art direction, graphic design, advertising, and publishing. David’s experience includes advertising, marketing, animation, film and television. Some of his clients include Los Angeles World Airport, Auto Club of Southern California, LAUSD, Wells Fargo Bank, California African American Museum, and the City of Los Angeles.

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David is also a former career education instructor of Arts, Media and Entertainment for the Los Angeles Unified School District and Cartoon Art for the California Institute for the Arts. The Sentinel spoke with David about his work, views, and keys to success.

Brown enjoys exposing young people to the art of graphic design. (Courtesy photo)

LAS: What do you like most about your job? Share something about your job that the public may find interesting?

David: What I like most about my job as the political cartoonist for the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper is it has given me the opportunity to inspire, educate and inform the African American community. As an educator, I am blessed to have the opportunity to prepare and mentor the next generation of creators of color. In my role as a publisher, I have the opportunity to tell stories about African American culture from our perspective, define and document our own narrative.

LAS: June is being highlighted as Black Men’s Appreciation Month here at the Sentinel. As a Black man, what are some of your concerns for Black men today in general?

David: I am concerned about both the mental and physical health of Black men—being in a society where we are discriminated against, criminalized, underemployed and profiled. The education system in America does not fully acknowledge the contributions of African Americans to this country. As a Black educator, I encourage Black, young men to build a strong social-emotional awareness, respect each other, work toward high academic performance, and develop a positive cultural identity.

LAS: What are your personal keys to success?  What are three tips you would share with a young, Black man?

David: My three personal keys to success are: 1. Keep God first 2. Believe in yourself 3. Be willing to work hard. In addition, I would add don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, embrace new experiences, read and learn about other cultures and most of all, follow your passions.

For more on David G Brown Studios, visit www.davidgbrown.studio

As part of his community outreach, Brown offers design workshops at local youth centers. (Courtesy photo)