Bishop R.D. Sanders (Courtesy photo)

Renowned musical luminary and minister, Bishop R.D. Sanders, released his new single in collaboration with Patrick Bolton titled, “That’s The Man.” Now accessible on various digital music platforms, this compelling composition penned by Bishop Sanders himself aims to resonate with all ages including the younger generation.

In his heartfelt message directed towards today’s youth, Bishop R.D. Sanders delves into the aspirations and desires that often preoccupy young minds.

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“They start talking about their dreams and who they want to be and what they feel they need,” Sanders shares. “It’s about stuff and things, cars and houses, finding the right partner.” Recognizing this superficial pursuit of fulfillment, Sanders crafted “That’s The Man” as a gentle reminder.

“It’s about letting them know that while they may think they need all these material possessions, Jesus is the man they truly need,” he affirms.

Hailing from the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, Bishop Sanders exhibited a remarkable musical talent at just the age of four years old. Despite his early achievements, Bishop Sanders felt the pull of destiny beyond the confines of his hometown. “Family and friends felt that Indianapolis was too small for me,” he reflects. “So, I heeded their advice and ventured to LA, ready to share my gift with the world.”

Throughout his career, Bishop Sanders has collaborated with an array of musical luminaries from the Voices of Pilgrim to collaborations with acclaimed artists like Billy Preston and Ricky Grundy. Sanders will be celebrating the release of his new single with a live performance on Sunday, July 14, at Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church, 400 S Santa Fe Ave., in Compton, CA starting at 6:00 PM.