Murray vs. Michael

Although it is billed as the People of the State of California versus Conrad Murray, M.D., it could be characterized in a more vulgar or pedestrian way: a strong, towering, well-built, six-foot-four-inch physician brazenly and unabashedly took advantage of a weakened, frail, emotionally troubled five-foot-nine-inch man named Michael Joseph Jackson, who trusted him with his life. If they were boxers or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combatants, they wouldn’t even fight in the same weight class. But, as it is, Conrad Murray fought out of his class, and in the process, killed the classiest person in all of music, the moonwalking King of Pop.

“White” Washed: The defense’s key witness, Dr. White, came up with an outlandish theory as to how Michal died. “White concluded,” says CNN, “that the level of drugs found in Jackson’s stomach, blood and urine, convinced him that Jackson died after he rapidly injected himself with propofol on top of a large dose of lorazepam he swallowed hours earlier.”

“Under cross-examination Monday,” CNN reports, “White said he believed Jackson used the same syringe Murray had loaded with propofol an hour earlier to give Jackson a 25-milligram injection. Murray filled it with 50 milligrams initially, leaving it half-filled in Jackson’s bedroom, under White’s theory.” Stunning.

Pancake, a long-time Jackson fan from Compton, observes: “Yea, and after moonwalking around the room looking for the propofol-filled syringe as if he was on an Easter Egg hunt, upon locating it, he celebrated the success by firing up a joint, and doing a line of cocaine after that. Then, and only then, did he self-medicate through the catheter in his leg. And get this, he did all of this within the two minutes that Murray said he was in the bathroom taking a wiz.”

CNN also reports that Dr. Shafer, “the prosecution’s propofol expert, concluded the ‘only scenario’ that fits the scientific evidence is that Jackson was on a constant intravenous drip of propofol for three hours before his death. Shafer also testified that Murray must have also injected Jackson with a series of large doses of lorazepam, a sedative, hours before his death.”

Shafer’s Second Coming: Shafer had more to say when he was recalled as a witness. He effectively and convincingly “refuted White’s testimony that levels of the drug found in Jackson’s urine proved that scenario was wrong,” states the Los Angeles Times. “In that analysis, White relied on an outdated 1988 study, Shafer said. In fact, more recent research on the drug supports his hypothesis on what happened in the hours leading up to the pop star’s death, Shafer testified….The latest research also illustrated that Jackson could not have given himself an injection of the drug, the scenario White said was more likely, Shafer said.”

Throughout this entire trial the desperate defense team acted as if they’re building the raft as it went down the treacherous, white-foamed river. But, as the case comes to a close, what will the verdict be?

Verdict Venturing: I recall being part of a panel discussion with attorney Lisa Bloom (daughter of attorney Gloria Allred), and Robert Shapiro (of O.J. Simpson fame), back in June 2005 on the MSNBC show Scarborough Country. Joe Scarborough, the show’s host, asked our opinion on Michael’s verdict.

SCARBOROUGH: All right. Listen, really quickly, we are–we are running out on time. I’m going to ask you all to do it in five seconds for me. I need a prediction. Is he going to be convicted or is he going to walk? We’ll start with you, Robert Shapiro.

SHAPIRO: I think the most likely outcome is guilty on molestation and guilty on the misdemeanor of alcohol possession. The others, I think he will be acquitted of.


BLOOM: Like Yogi Berra, I don’t make predictions, especially about the future. But I will say I think the prosecution has presented a strong enough case for this jury to come back with a guilty verdict.


CARR: I say that Michael Jackson is innocent on all charges.

Under Conrad Murray’s medical supervision Michael Jackson lost so much weight he was a mere shell of his former self. Interestingly, RadarOnline reports that Dr. Murray himself has “lost about 10-15 pounds in the last few months.” It is my humble belief that Murray is going to lose more than weight. I venture to guess that he’s going to lose his medical license, as well as his freedom. He has already lost respect. Stay tuned for one more Michael Jackson article.