Tiffany Okafor (Brandon Hicks Photo)

Some people believe nice girls finish last, but that’s not Tiffany Okafor’s philosophy.

In her opinion, nice girls can excel by channeling their assertive, sexy voice. The end result, says Okafor, is a Beautiful Individual Who Communicates Honestly or B.I.T.C.H.

Her steps to reaching that level are outlined in her new book, “Bitchy – The No-BS Woman’s Guide to Claiming the Love, Peace of Mind and Happiness She Deserves.” The short 85-page read shares simple and practical steps to gain confidence, seize opportunities and eliminate drama from your life.

Explaining the premise behind “Bitchy,” Okafor said, “Many women, specifically nice girls, sell themselves short and get taken advantage of by the obnoxiously rowdy. I wrote this to equip sisters everywhere with the tools they need to take their well-deserved happiness into their own hands.”

The L.A.-based life-coach and motivational speaker penned the guide based on advice she gives to her clients and YouTube audience. The recipients are overwhelmingly young adult women with strikingly, similar comments about the destructive people and situations they repeatedly attract.

“I’ve always been inspired by all things self-help – books, podcasts, speeches. A few years ago, I decided to share a bit of what I had learned by recording a video and uploading it to my YouTube channel,” said Okafor.

“Bitchy” contains advice for nice girls. (Cover Illustration by Samurai 1991)

“Well, that video caught on, receiving over 10,000 views in a very short amount of time. From there I continued to shoot more self-help videos and people started writing me quite frequently to ask for my advice. And that’s when I started writing ‘Bitchy’.”

Within the book, Okafor first offers basic self-care advice on issues such as using the word ‘no,’ eliminating people or situations that no longer work, and eating in a way the energizes you. The section also includes positive affirmations to improve self-esteem, tips to maintain healthy romantic relationships and an emergency stress toolkit that lists a wide range of activities readers can engage in when overcome with anxiety.

The second half of the guide contains strategies to deal with difficult people, master tough conversations, and avoid being taken advantage of. In the Epilogue, Okafor reminds readers to be patient as they begin to transform their lives.

“There’s a lot of information in the book and it’s meant to be worked through gradually,” she noted. “One thing’s for sure, though. If you complete the exercises and practice the techniques on a regular basis, you will see yourself as gorgeous regardless of your body type, hair texture of skin color.

“You will choose personal and professional live-giving relationships and you will stand up for yourself like you’ve never been able to before!”

“Bitchy” is a #1 best seller in the U.S., Canada, Japan and France. To obtain a the book, visit To learn more about Okafor, visit