Nathan Hughes, more commonly known by his performing identity MonstaMovez (Courtesy Image)

There is power in entertainment, artists are finding different platforms to circulate a strong message of positivity in this current period of life. Nathan Hughes, more commonly known by his performing identity MonstaMovez, recently released his debut song, “Born 2 Flex.” The lyrics exude confidence and a message to be the best version of oneself.

MonstaMovez started as a dancer at the age of six. His passion continued to grow and became a part of his identity at age 12. MonstaMovez credits his family members for pushing him to keep growing his dancing skills.

He was known in his family as the kid who was always moving, MonstaMovez would also practice his talent at church. As his skills grew, MonstaMovez began to travel the world at age 17, and performed in the hit television show, “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Recalling the turn of events due to COVID-19, MonstaMovez shared that he began to make videos on TikTok. While everyone was required to stay at home, he would create different “dance challenges” and his influence began to grow.

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After reaching over one million followers, MonstaMovez began to expand his platform by becoming a model and working on his music career.

“Born to Flex” scaled to the top of the Triller Billboard US Charts, sitting at number eight on the list among many other major hits. MonstaMovez has received much support from Triller, who appointed him an active content creator.

Recounting the energy that surrounded the song, MonstaMovez stated, “It was a simple song that we decided to make and see how my fans and supporters would react to it—ended up dropping it in May, and charting on Triller Billboard, number eight, and I got my first ever placket, my first ever song. Honestly, it changed my life and perspective on my entire career.”

MonstaMovez began to expand his platform by becoming a model and working on his music career ( Facebook)

Before releasing his single, MonstaMovez excelled in different areas of art. He exercised his skills as a model, actor, and entrepreneur.

At 23-years-old, MostaMovez has used his influence to create a positive space for everyone to enjoy; most of his videos on TikTok and Instagram reach over a million people and continue to climb.

He also uses his creative eye to design a clothing brand, MonstaMovez has an exclusive line of t-shirts, tanks, jackets, and hoodies. Popular apparel brand, Fashion Nova, designated MonstaMovez as an ambassador—due to his talent to pick up on trending looks and his level of influence.

“I’m excited to put out more music and take this journey more serious than just a dancer, now I’m an artist and more of an entertainer,” MonstaMovez said.

There is a vital energy in music, and artists are using many platforms to spread a potent message of optimism during this time in history. “Born 2 Flex,” by MonstaMovez is now available and the lyrics are self-assured and convey a universal message.