Tuesday, May 5,  the Los Angeles City Mayor, Eric Garcetti provided news surrounding the recovery stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Garcetti disclosed current statistics developing in the coronavirus outbreak. The mayor touched on proper protocols that will be in place for local businesses to adhere to, there is still a severe level of precaution to take in order to move forward in a new era safely. The Los Angeles Mayor and Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced the Launch of LA Represents, legal services that are offered free of charge that will assist Angelenos facing problems within leasing contracts and business agreements.   Mayor Garcetti is looking to have every Angeleno in a stabilized condition, as L.A. faces a new way of operation in post pandemic time.

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti at Los Angeles City COVID-19 Update Briefing, May 5, 2020 (screenshot)

The overall goal remains the same for the Mayor, to have a safer Los Angeles. The elected official has taken great discretion and careful consideration in which businesses will open and which will remain closed. There is a delicate glass of protection that can crack under the pressures of making the wrong decision within opening the economy. Garcetti stated, “Taking the wrong way forward, will be bad for our health and for our economy.” The reality is, impulsive moves will kill more people and shut everything down again. All actions leading into this new way of business, must be well thought out. Although the curve is bending, the threat of coronavirus has been a consistent fog that surrounds all living inhabitants.

Mayor Garcetti shared the latest updates behind the COVID-19 outbreak in L.A. Over 200,000 people have been tested for COVID-19. The elected Official shared as of May 5. there were 58 additional deaths. This brings the total COVID-19 related deaths in the L.A. County to 1,313. The average death rate in a week has been 45 fatal cases per day. There were 1,638 new cases reported, bringing the total of positive COVID-19 reports to 27,815. The latest numbers reflect a 2% increase, since yesterday. There is a daily average of 1,002 new cases. Within the city of L.A., the new report reflects 13,468 COVID-19 cases.

As Los Angeles inch towards reestablishing the economy, there are legal issues among residents and business owners face amid the pandemic. Eric Garcetti in partnership with L.A. City Attorney Feuer announced the launch of L.A. Represents, a pro bono initiative, to provide free legal service to those affected by COVID-19. Vulnerable tenants, domestic violence victims, low income Angelenos can benefit from L.A. Represents. The program is a coalition of legal firms that are looking to increase their pro bono work in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Lawyers will work alongside working class families and individuals facing eviction, businesses on the verge of closing indefinitely, and domestic violence issues.

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer (file photo)

The collaboration includes Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, Inner City Law Center, Public Counsel, Asian American Advancing Justice, and Neighborhood Legal Services. The Mayor stated, “Having a lawyer or advocate by your side, can make all the difference.” Sound legal advice is available for small businesses that are facing trouble within certain aspects of their business agreements due to COVID-19. Bet Tzedek Legal Services is looking to help local businesses to recover from the impact coronavirus applied to their services. Mayor Garcetti declared, “Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy, they are the mainstay of our main streets.”

The actions of staying home, wearing a mask, and wearing gloves are saving lives. The hospital capacity still remains stable. Anyone is eligible to go get tested, there 36 testing sites. These locations can test 18,000 people. Hours of operation are being extending starting Wednesday, May 6.