Tony Wafford (Courtesy photo)

I know you’re wondering what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about Joseph Abiodun Ladapo.  Ladapo is the Surgeon General of Florida and Governor Ronald Dion DeSantis’ handpicked negro.

If you’re trying to move a crazy agenda against Black people and other people of color, what better place to start than with someone in the culture—who loves his master more than themselves and his or her people.  There’s no better person to pick than a person that both needs affirmation from his master and confirmation from one of this nation’s highest institutions of learning.

In fairness, I must also include DeSantis’ backup carnival-barker; Stanford University Professor, Jay Bhattacharya.  Both, Bhattacharya and Ladapo have committed to promoting unproven treatments, have opposed vaccine and mask mandates, have questioned the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, have spread miscellaneous falsehoods and have just straight up damn lied!  If this is what Harvard and Stanford are producing, community college is starting to look pretty good to me!

Last week after the Food and Drug Administration approved monovalent COVID-19 vaccine as being safe and effective against the new Covid varriant, and a day later the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended the shots for all Americans over the age of 6 months, before the ink had dried on the document, DeSanits trotted out these two lovers of coprophilia who are purveyors of a fatuous program of useless anti-COVID policies that has been impervious to the data that persistently demonstrated that it did not work.

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Isn’t it funny that most of these so-called anti-vax, and anti-science are living well above the poverty level?  Republicans seem to be the first to get vaccinated, boosted and God know what else, while telling all their Appalachian and trailer park followers, ‘Don’t let the government tell you what you can and can’t do with your own body.’  These same people argue for the right to life, protecting the lives of the unborn, while at the same time, over half of this country take great pride in celebrating the death penalty. Can you say hypocrisy!

Don’t get it twisted—I’m as cautious as any other Black person with an IQ over 10 should be when it comes to being paranoid about this government and its history of medical abuse and mistreatment of Black people and other vulnerable populations.  Black people in this country have a long history of medical mistrust, distrust, discrimination, and abuse by medical professionals, researchers, physicians, and scientists.  And all of which have said that the COVID-19 pandemic resurrected and heightened Black anxiety.

I would say that’s not quite so; HIV/AIDS played a major role in that resurrection.  We all know the medical community has never been fair when it comes to Black people.  Seventh-five years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. famously claimed that health inequity “is the most shocking and the most inhumane” of all forms of inequality.  Dr. King also knew that undoing that inequity or unraveling the many negative effects of racism on human health, was no easy task, but I have hope.

My hope is in doctors, physician assistants (PA’s), nurses, scientists and researchers that looks like me.  In the spirit of Keith Black, Kizzmekis Corbett, William King, David Satcher, Sandra Lindsay, Louis Wyatt, LaShondra Spencer, Randall Maxey, Gail Wyatt, James Peace, Deborah Wafer, Bert Peterson, Arleen Brown, and pioneers like the late great Wilbert Jordan.

All these beautiful, brilliant, Black men and women sacrificing and fighting for space at the medical table, to ensure that as a people, Black people would not be on the medical menu.  I don’t know about you, but DeSantis, Ladapo and Bhattacharya couldn’t tell me what time of day it is, without me looking at my watch!  I’m more app’d the take fidelity classes from Donald Trump than to follow these ninnyhammers.

Can I be straight-up honest with you?  When COVID-19 hit and started killing my family members and friends, I didn’t spend five minutes thinking about conspiracy theories and white folks!  It reminded me of the time when I started working in HIV/AIDS—I didn’t have time to engage in thoughts of, did white folks create this virus to kill homosexuals, drug users, and others that US society looked at as disposables.

My job was to do all that I could to help my people live!  So, when COVID hit close to home, my greatest concern wasn’t white folks and what have they done now?  My job was to make sure that family members, loved ones and friends wouldn’t continue to die, and for me, that answer was Moderna!

You know what’s deep?  When I went to get my first vaccine shot, I had a tremendous feeling of ambivalence, mostly because like many of you guys reading this, I am deathly afraid of shots and because so many people were dying, and I didn’t want to be one of them.  Unlike my baby brother, who said to me that he was hesitant to take the vaccine because he didn’t know the chemical compound in the drug, I just wanted to live.

Now check this out, this guy—my brother, who buys dope off the street, was hesitant to take the vaccine because HE didn’t know the “chemical compound” of the drug…but you know me, I digress.

After getting my first shot of the vaccine on January 13, 2021, I remember walking to my car feeling a tremendous since of relief!  I had no idea just how much pressure I was living under, not knowing if I would be a part of those thousands dying every day back then.  Since then, I got my second shot and my booster.

I got to keep it real with you guys.  This past July I tested positive for COVID-19, two years and six months after being vaccinated.  I was sick for about a week with all the symptoms of having a bad cold.  I no more believed that after getting vaccinated that I wouldn’t get COVID-19, but what I truly believed, was that if I did get Covid, I wouldn’t die after being vaccinated.  This is not a commercial for vaccines, I’m just trying to do what the CDC and most health departments have done a poor job of doing, which is simply being straight with you.

Am I going to get the vaccine to address the new SARS-CoV-2 variant labeled BA.2.86?  Well, thanks to Joseph Ladapo, Ron DeSantis and Jay Bhattacharya, I can only say HELL yes!  If they say it’s bad, its GOT to be good for me!  Check your watch ya’ll!