Local civil rights organizations protested in front of the Baldwin Hills Mall to send a message to CIM that they do not approve their purchase of the plaza. Recently, CIM bought the plaza and the community is concerned about what their plans are.

They have no relationships with leaders in the community, and based on their history they do not have intentions to advance the people in the area.

CIM’s plan is to usher in gentrifications and the community does not want to stand for it. The community needs an organization that will represent them in the most powerful way. Civil rights leaders feel CIM will not provide the jobs, shopping, and affordable housing that Baldwin Hills and other entities have provided before.

President of the Baptist Ministers Conference Rev. KW Tulloss says, “We don’t want the plan you pushed out for our community. Our community deserves better and we’re here today to send that message. We want CIM to leave.”

The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall is sacred to the community and to have companies like CIM come in and erase the history would be a disgrace. Tulloss states, “Baldwin Hills Mall is a treasure to the community. It is something that the community celebrates. This is the community hub where young people go to get their first jobs. We don’t want to lose that.” CIM needs to leave Baldwin Hills, the younger generation is depending on it.

President & CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of SoCal Pastor William D. Smart says Baldwin Hills was one of the first malls in history, and has done so much for the black community. He indicates, “It would be deleterious to us as leaders if we allow somebody like CIM, with their history, and connections to the Trump administration to come into our community, and be allowed to buy this mall.

With all the injustices and turmoil and going on, the last thing the community needs is for CIM to come in and take over. Many organizations in the neighborhood have partnered to stop this tragedy from happening and they won’t stop until CIM is out of the picture.

Pastor Johnathon Mosley says, “We cannot allow entities to come into our community and destroy the historical facts and what this area means to us.”

It’s a lot of gentrification going on and they have had enough. It’s time for the people to fight back and reject the organizations that have caused Black community pain for years. “This is our area. And all of the gentrification that’s coming in, and pushing us out. We will not stand for it,” says. Mosley.

Many are arguing that since the mall is closed and empty, instead of it just sitting somebody might as well come buy it out. Mosley and other leaders claim that is false information to make others feel that area is not viable.

Baldwin Hills Mall is not only a monument for the community but for people around the world. The historical facts of that being one of the first malls in America attracts tourists from all over. To not have it

around anymore will suck the life out of the community.

Mosley says, “It has been a pillar in the community. Dorsey High School is right up the street, the Coliseum and Mount Vernon is in the area as well. Kids that go to these schools have jobs.” If CIM comes in we know those students will not have the same opportunities.