Pastor Larry Dozier (Courtesy photo)

We are our ‘brothers’ keepers.’

News reports tell us that 99% of the deaths from the new strain of COVID-19, the Delta strain is among folk who have not been vaccinated.

This is tragic. These deaths did not have to happen.

I’ve heard some religious folk say, “God will protect me.” This is true, which is why he allowed the discovery of the vaccine in record time, near miraculous, it seems.

Remember, God works, mostly, through people.

The doctors, scientist and those who know such things have made it clear that the vaccine is as safe as it can possibly be, just as the flu shot is safe, the polio vaccine.

Are there risks? Yes, as is the case with all vaccines, but the benefits are far greater than the risks.

Remember, one of the great writers of the Gospels, evangelist Luke, was a physician. I will step out on a limb here and say that I believe this meticulous chronicler of Christ would advise you to take the vaccine.

My wife, Erma, and I have taken the vaccine (Moderna, in March) and many of our family members and friends have taken it. No one has reported ill effects.

The vaccine is for YOUR good. Take it for yourself. Take it for the sake of your loved ones. Take it for the sake of being your brother’s keeper. We are, you know.

Ask all the questions. Do all your research, and then let the evidence and your conscience guide you. Then, take that leap of faith. God will, indeed, take care of

you. You’ll be so glad you did. After you do, share it with those whom you trust and with those who trust you. Think of all the lives that you might save.

Those who have ears let them hear.


I wish you love, peace, blessings, and good health!

The Rev. Larry Dozier is the pastor of The New Earth Christian Church in Gardena, California.