Lady Angel C. Price (Courtesy photo)

Authentic, humble, compassionate, and fun-loving are among the adjectives that describe Angel C. Price, the devoted and dynamic first lady of Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC).

A warrior for the Word of God, she is a steadfast rock for her husband, Dr. Frederick K. Price, as well as the church family that she has grown up with.

The daughter of a prison outreach minister, Lady Angel has been attending CCC since the tender age of three. It is where she grew in her faith, met her future husband, and marked many blessed milestones in her life, including her baptism, nuptials, and the baptismal of her children.

Today, alongside her husband, she is co-leading the legendary church in an increasingly complex and high-tech world that is challenging time-tested religious rituals and changing the definition of church.

“We are so fortunate to have a strong foundation established for us by my father-in-law, Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, and mother-in-law, Dr. Betty Price,” says Lady Angel. “This foundation and our own developed faith are guiding us to lead in times of enormous change.”

Not only are the “first couple” navigating a sea of change, but they are also bringing their own spiritual style to the pulpit.

“Now is our time to add our piece to the puzzle,” she says of the role that she and her husband play in leading the approximately 8,000-member congregation.

“We will stay true to the vision set by the Apostle while putting our own twist on it as we seek to reach people for the Kingdom of God. You could call it a Hip Hop fresh remix,” she chuckles.

“It is both exciting and daunting, “she continues. “The bible says, ‘we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us,’ so we cast our cares on Him, and keep moving forward.”

Always in motion, juggling her roles as first lady, mother, wife, and community servant, the South L.A. native and graduate of Compton High School says the aspect of the ministry that she enjoys the most is helping others.

Whether it is working with women and girls to find their purpose and passion or providing hope to the unhoused and at-risk foster youth, she says connecting with people and watching God work miracles in their lives is what fuels her faith.

One of the numerous ways in which Lady Angel expresses her spiritual devotion is through CCC’s partnership with Union Rescue Mission, a Christ-centered nonprofit that provides food, emergency shelter, medical assistance, and more to Southern California’s needy and unhoused. Such community-based alliances are her favorite part of the ministry.

Lady Angel’s passion for nurturing the minds, bodies and souls of women inspired her to play a pivotal role in CCC’s Big Sisters Program. Through this mentoring enterprise, she has counseled countless girls and young women – her “Priceless Rubies,” as she affectionately calls them – in the areas of self-esteem, confidence, dating, and marriage.

Over the years, she has launched a number of innovative programs including the Faith & Fitness aerobics class, which provided a safe, fun, and stress-free environment for women of all ages. In addition, her fellowship program, Marriage Encounter, has offered free support and guidance to married and engaged couples.

“I love to see God answer prayer. We serve a mighty God,” says the mother of three who had difficulty conceiving and ministers to others who find themselves in the same situation.

That deep and abiding faith is in Lady Angel’s DNA. Her father devoted his life to rehabilitating the incarcerated through the gospel. Lady Angel remembers going to serve with him as a little girl. Through his ministry, she says she learned about forgiveness, redemption, and the importance of second chances.

“My father’s ministry taught me about compassion,” she recalls. “I learned so much about understanding and getting to know a person’s story without judging them.”

Those early lessons in God’s grace have followed Lady Angel throughout her life and ministry. She has a heart for people, especially those who have fallen on hard times.

Pastor Fred and Lady Angel are the proud parents of three children – Frederick, Gabriel, and Bella. When not ministering to others, Lady Angel enjoys spending time with them, and extended family and friends, watching movies, cooking, and exploring new restaurants as a fun-loving foodie.

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